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~Piano Songs~

~I brought out some original songs tonight that had been written on piano. Forgot how much I love playing on the keys... hoping to share these tunes at a future gig!~ :)

~Lost in the moment~

~Had a great jam the other night! Very strange when 4 hours seems like one hour...getting lost in the moment is always fun...~ :)

~Follow Your Heart~

~Life is short...Follow Your Heart~ :)

~Music you are meant to create~

~Create the way you are meant to create music, don't worry about what is in at the moment~

~Mother Earth~

~Mother Earth is torn, and someday she'll be one, maybe you were right, nothing lasts for long.~ (lyrics from Mother Earth)

~Sense of Wandering~ :)

~When I'm writing I love to throw dissonant chords in whenever I can....it breaks up the monotony, and leaves a sense of wandering~ :)

~I once had a dream I was flying~

~I once had a dream I was flying, where birds are waiting in the wings~ lyrics from "They Fly" by GLIEM

~First Instinct~

~I usually go with my first instinct when I'm writing. Anything that you feel needs to be changed can be fleshed out later~ :)

~The magic 8 ball says YES!~

~If you love it, it's right for you. If you get goosebumps and a positive vibe each time you do something,....it's definitely pointing towards..YES!!~ :)

~Live and feeling free~ :)

~We've been rehearsing a lot lately to get together two new tunes for the upcoming recording sessions. "Unleash a Frozen Fire" and "Fool". This will be recorded as live bed tracks. Anything such as vocal harmonies etc., will be overdubbed afterwards. I believe that recording live can capture the musicians essence, and it feels more free....you can play off of each other.~ Sweet!~ :)