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Recording Completed!

After painstakingly fighting our way through hours and hours of hard work and sitting on our lazy asses, we finally put the finishing touches on the final 5 tracks for our debut album.

We can confirm that upon listening to 'Open For Business' in the full- from Track 1 to 10- you will either thoroughly enjoy, or dislike the experience. Other than that, there's not much we can give away! We hope you're as excited as us to get your hands on the final copy.

Stay churned for more updates and possible sneak-peaks for the full length album! ;)

Keep on Creamin'

Big plans...

Adelaide based local rock band “Love Cream” has worked hard to prepare their debut 5 track E.P. titled “First Taste” for release in early 2013, but as the unexpected win of ‘Adelaide’s Next Superstar’ granted them a recording contract, they have pushed back the date and doubled the release to a full length album, titled “Open For Business”.

In a self-funded trip to Queensland to record with the musical wonder-kid Casey Jones from signed act ‘De La Cruz’ (Frontiers Records), Love Cream have fully recorded and mastered their first 5 tracks for the album, which were originally planned to be released as a debut E.P.. For the purpose of insight, Love Cream have decided to share 3 of these tracks for FREE listening online to anyone, and the rest of what was to be ‘First Taste’ with several media outlets nation-wide. These first tracks, already setting a high precedent for the rest of the album are the first look into what’s getting the crowds of the Adelaide music scene so hyped up. Open For Business doesn’t intend to be anything short of professional, great sounding, and full of energy- Just like their high-powered stage shows. Open For Business is expected for release around July 2013

Hi Were Love Cream

We are Love Cream, an Adelaide based all dude rock band. Our songs cover such deep subject matters, such as racial equality, seeking inner acceptance and the importance of home security.

We hope our modern edge on the CLASSIC ROCK sound brings you much joy and excitement. Enjoy, and remember; The 'Cream always rises to the top...