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A Shape of Mine

This song was written about my first girlfriend, Jennifer. The song was written upon her death, Jennifer died at the young age of 21 in a sudden and unexpected car accident several years ago. She was a hippie when I was more of an Anarchist, she thought me the values of being a better person, and not just caring for my belongings, but caring for the planet as a whole. and caring for everyone else's belongings and loving and respecting a fellow stranger. - I wrote this song for her so people would be able to hear her name, sing her name, remember a life even if they didn't know of her very beautiful existence. Jennifer, where ever you are, or if you're not at all. I still remember you, still to this day you remain a shape of mine.



Home is a song to raise awareness about our global epidemic. Or just make people think about what their doing. Be kind to others, love a stranger, you don't need to trust them but be fair. Turn of you're electronics when your done, don't waste water and recycle!!