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The Waymires Take to the Sea!

The Waymires are playing three water-themed shows in the coming weeks! On Friday, October 11th we’re boarding Capt. Norm’s Dockside Baaaarrrrrrrrr, ye scalawags. The weekend before that (Saturday, October 5th), we’re playing at the Oklahoma Regatta Festival, which is basically a track meet for boats. We’ll need all hands to get there faster than a sloop in a stiff gale! And of course, we’re playing at Earl’s Rib Palace as part of Live Music on the Canal this Saturday, September 21st at 8:45p. Don’t be late- you might miss one of our ten best songs!

We’re The Waymires. We play rock and roll.

Brace yourselves! The Waymires' EP is coming!

That’s right- only 7 to 10+ more days, and if you don’t enjoy listening to it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it so far, we’ll eat our collective hat.

We’d like to thank in advance Jarod and Cale from Blackwatch Studios, Norman, as well as Nick, Director of Visual Media, because they make us sound and look WAAAAAAAY better than we actually are. Ahh, the miracle of modern technology.

Forth The Waymires family! Now for rock! Now for roll- and a red dawn!

We're The Waymires. We play rock and roll.

Battle of the Bands

Do you believe in the democratic process? Are you a real American? Perhaps that’s none of my business, but I still think you should vote for The Waymires at http://battle.rockstaruproar.com/u/TheWaymiresBand ! Voting ends at 11:59p this Monday, August 12th.

From the Uproar Festival info page:

“Fans: Show your support for your favorite artist by going to their page and clicking the “Vote For This Band” button. Other ways to show your support would be to “Like” their Facebook Fan Page, Tweet about them on Twitter, or play their songs on the Battle Of The Bands band profile to help boost their rating.”

Each band in the top 100 in each “Local Market” (ours is Dallas) has an equal chance of being selected- we’re in the top 110! So follow the link, click “vote for this band,” play our songs on our Battle of the Bands profile, “Like” our Facebook, and Tweet about us, ’cause we’re SO CLOSE (to being considered).

We're The Waymires. We play rock and roll.

Another One Bites the Dust...

You know when you care about something, a big event perhaps, that ends up not happening at all? You know the feeling of preparing and getting all G’d up for the big night, just in time for it to be cancelled? The Waymires have that feeling. We and 20-odd other bands were notified yesterday that OKWOODSTOCK13 would not occur this weekend after all- after all the hype and preparation, the festival died an ignominious death.

But you know what? I bet that the genii over at Fun PR will find some way to stitch together some kind of Frankenstein festival next year. And I bet it will be awesome (also terrifying). So, after the standard mourning period of roughly 18 hours, we’ve changed out of our sackcloths, washed the ashes off our faces, and glued our hair back on. It’s time to move on to our next great adventure, studio recording! Expect our EP by the end of August. That’s only thirty days from now (*GASP*)!

We’re The Waymires. We play rock and roll.

The Waymires Have a Blog?!

Well, yeah, apparently (you're reading it). It's just another front in our internet marketing campaign.

Me: "Hey you, do you know who would enjoy our music? Somebody Else: "Who?" Me: "People who can read!" Somebody Else: "Okay. Please stop following me."

So, readers of the world, unite(!), and then disband shortly thereafter, because THE GROUPTHINK HAS TO STOP. But before going your separate ways, take a moment to gawk at my new brainbaby, thewaymiresband.wordpress.com (again, you're reading it). You know that horrible, gnawing emptiness where your soul used to be, which you've temporarily filled with tater tots and shame? Well, this is the answer you've been meaning to look for.

You: "Uuggghh... I'll soul search AFTER another seven episodes of Game of Thrones."

So anyway, please subscribe, or follow, or Like, or whatever it is you kids do these days. The Waymires blog: "It's doubleplusgood!"

We're The Waymires. We play rock and roll.

Blue Note

So, it's not yet 8a, and I'm sitting at my desk at work thinking of the show tonight. This is our first time playing at the Blue Note Lounge, and I'm starting to get pretty excited. And not just because of the free beer. Obviously, it's always a good time playing with Brad and Jon, but tonight we're unveiling a couple new songs. We've got so many good ones now that, even in a longer set, it's hard to pick and choose among them all. It's like if you were one of those weird families with like thirty kids, and you were going to Chuck E. Cheese, but you could only take fifteen of them. Of course there's the five or six that nobody likes, but what about the other ten that are left out? Maybe next time, kiddos.

We're The Waymires. We play rock and roll.