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Under Way!!

So I am currently in the studio working on my cd. It is going to be amazing, but it is also going to take time. Stay tuned. I'll provide samples and tidbits when I can.

I'm a dork

So I totally forgot about this blog. Haha. Anyways, I am getting way more serious about my music. I have over 50 original songs, and they need to be heard!!! So I am in the study recording a cd, and also doing a home recording of some of my earlier stuff. The new CD should be finished by early April. I will try to be better and blogging.

Bennett Unknown

So I decided to do a CD just for myself, under my other pseudonym, Bennett Unknown. I"m tired of trying to find the time, desire, and such to record at home, so I'm gonna pay for it. I think it'll turn out just how I want it.

Bad at Blogs

So I"m horrible at blogs, but I'm trying. My wife keeps getting on me about keeping people updated, so I should put more effort in. Soooo.....I'm torn between trying to record at home or spending at least $20 dollars an hour on semipro/pro recordings. I really would love to record at home, but I don't have the time, space, or silence to do so properly. I guess I'm working on self motivation to actually record. I feel like my music is good, but not appreciated. However, people can't appreciate what they don't hear. Oh well, so I'm gonna try and pull a Damien Rice and just record an album that I like, and it'll just be a personal accomplishment and go from there. Wish me luck.

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Athens Got Talent

So I signed up for a local talent contest called Athens Got Talent. It's a charity fundraiser, so if you want to help me out, please go to http://www.athensgottalent.com/ , click on vote for friends/family, and donate a dollar to vote for me. It's only a dollar and it goes to a good cause.

On a different note, I fixed the Badman song, where only the left channel was getting vocals. You should hear vocals in both now. Until next time!!!

New Songs

I'm really working on getting songs posted and new Gigs. My goal is having a show where 100 people show up. That would be absolutely amazing!!! I have been writing new songs as well and getting more into blues. Check out my new song, Meeting with Mrs. Jones. Give me any feedback. Is it too long, does it need more instruments, is it good, bad, whatever. I'm gonna try and post more than once every 3 months. haha Until next time. -Tre

First Blog ever

So yeah, this is a blog that reverbnation provides. I normally don't blog, but I figured my wife does it and gets some decent feedback, so what the heck. Now I just have to invite people to my blog. Ha ha

So music wise, i've been working on a song called Come Home to You. It's nearly done, but there is still something missing in the transition between verse and chorus. I may just record it anyways to see what people think. I also have a song called "Lonely Echoes" that I wrote that is just difficult to record the guitar on. I may post it on my Bennett Unknown page, but we'll see.

I found out that my bassier voice sounds much clearer than my tenor voice, so i'm gonna go with that style. It's way more comfortable for me. I prefer listening to tenors, but oh well, I'm working with what God gave me. I just have to switch my mindframe to deeper tones and appreciate them more.

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So, tell us what you're working on lately...

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this is a reply to your blog... let me know if you get it or not. - A