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Smokin Charlie Brown

Smokin’ Charlie Brown is pleased to announce that Almost Classy have released their debut single “I’m That Man“. Consisting of Rob Cunliffe (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Aaron Bernbach (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Devin McNichol (Bass,Vocals), and Ian Lowe (Drums); Almost Classy’s music is a dynamic, harmonically-infused rock with a punch of southern roots charm buried within their vocals. Check out the song below!

Their strong blast of steadfast positivity seeps into all of their poetically crafted lyrical storytelling. “I’m That Man” showcases their influences with folkie vocal undertones reminiscent of The Lumineers, Dispatch and Imagine Dragons, as well as cleaner cut Pop-Rock edges that seem to be informed by early Maroon 5 sounds and even hints of The Neon Trees.

With a classic, driving beat and sharp, lively guitar lines, this song radiates with the group’s enticingly positive sound, drawing many new listeners while pleasing their already dedicated fans. “I’m That Man,” will easily find a place in today’s market. Almost Classy has set themselves apart on “I’m That Man,” marking them as THE band to watch out for in Southern California. Check out the new single and keep an eye open for their April 2013 album release!