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When it Rains it Pours

LaRue and I were playing at beautiful Ohana Cafe last night, where the vibe is a welcoming "Aloha!", and the food is organic, healthy, and delicious. We played out on the deck til a rainstorm hit after two sets. We had a full and attentive audience; it felt great. So many friendly faces, young and old alike (and I do mean young, like the sweet family with 5 kids, the youngest being a few months old). Afterwards, we were following eachother down Highway 19 back towards St Pete, when LaRue got a call to throw together another band to play basically immediately, over at Ruby's Elixir. I found myself thinking: when it rains it pours. Not just literally but as far as gigs this month. Summers are always slow in hot Florida, when the snowbirds head north, and students take off. I had been putting it out there to the universe (i.e. Craigslist and emailing peeps) to send me some gigs, students, recording sessions. And suddenly it's raining...in a good way :).