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Giving thanks!

Give thanks eternally for the gift of life and every waking day! Sending blessings for a beautiful week to all management, singer's, musicians, spoken word artists and most of all my dedicated fan's! Peace, Love and respects always's. Elizabeth.


Much Respects to all you beautiful musical people, singer's, players and spoken word artists from all around the Globe for coming by with likes, messages and comments. Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and listen to my songs. Very much appreciated for your kindness and love! No matter what Genre you may love, remember Music Makes The World A Better Place. LOVE & LIGHT always. A special thanks to the creator's of Reverbnation for creating such a wonderful & fantastic web site making it possible to meet so many musicians!! Respects due always! PEACE.


Love & lot's of blessings to management full crew and all my beautiful fan's for your continued love! Have a beautiful and Peaceful musical weekend!


Giving thanks to the Most High Creator for every waking day! Love & Light to all my friend's & fan's!!! Big Up Reverbnation.!!!


A Big Hug to all Reverb management and my fan's for your love and continued support! Much Respects alway's. Have a beautiful and blessed weekend! Elizabeth.

Happy Holiday's!

To all management full crew & fan's.. HAPPY HOLIDAY'S! Peace!! 3 Elizabeth.


It's now 21st December 2013 and I'm feeling a little under the weather. Totally grateful to all my fan's for your continued love that's keeping me warm in the cold! Love and respects coming your way! Peace!


Im taking this opportunity to thank all Reverbnation Management staff and full team for this wonderful site. I appreciated all the beautiful people who come by daily with comments, follows and words of encouragement..Sending Peace, love and Respects to all you beautiful Pep's! Have a fantastic weekend! Elizabeth.


Give thanks for Life!!!!! BIG UP MANAGEMENT & FULL CREW!!! Respects to all my beautiful talented Fan's for the love! PEACE TO ALL! Elizabeth

A Simple Recognition would be nice!!!

I have introduced many of my friend's on other sites and in person to Reverbnation, also letting them know what a fantastic site it is to get heard, make friend's an fan's from all walk's of life and around the world. It would then be fair for my pep's to say, thanks for the introduction and to let Reverb team know how they found out about this wonderful site. Encouragement always strengthens labour! Elizabeth.