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THe Smell of likes

I just want to to get more likes - i keep trying but crawl. I hoping people share my music so i can gain the likes i want and need.

Keep it real and how i really feel Can ya dig me?

My swag is different my chi is high. Peep my game peep my skills and now you tell how you relay feel!!

Music is life

I cant make it without music..after all even God loves music.

Man im tired of people that are shallow

People just want something from you and when they get it; they leave. they are shallow. Its not the point that they are shallow they act like they are not. So its a surprise when you found out and your shocked. If they where up front are like i just want this and that from you and ill be gone then all would be well, but Some people are just greedy form just them self, if I'm like that i want to change. Change is everything in one self. I See where i shine and where i am Dull. problem is we cant always see out flaws and people don't always point them out. and when they do we blow off the information and say they are hating. but if i have a big head i have a big head cant get mad that you point out the pink elephant.