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Back in the Hunt

Greetings! I checked my ranking this morning and was happily surprised to see I'm #87 nationally among Electronica artists. Thank you for making that possible. I think it's time I released a new song, would you like that?


Greetings, Thanks for stopping by. The exciting news for the day is that INtramentalist aka Ethan Bernhardt is back in the Top 100 nationally in Electronica at #93 on Reverbnation. Thank you to everybody fanning, following and listening to my music - without you this cannot happen!


Thanks for stopping by, please have a listen, leave a comment, or better yet fan me so that I can dive into your world.

Still climbing

Now at number 300 nationally in electronica, thanks to all of you! Ethan / INtramentalist

2nd Music Video

It's been a great Friday and I'm pumped to start work on a second music video. I've been creating in my head for long enough, time to spew!! Look out world.....

Hello Fans

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope to upload some more content soon. In the meantime you can find more of my music by searching by my new name - INtramentalist. Try iTunes, amazon, Spotify, CDBaby, etc. I also have a music video on YouTube called da Mattah - please check it out.

First Post

Hello all, Writing to you a few days after the big party and concert at the house for the big 5-0, thank you to all who attended, I hope you all had a great time. I've posted 2 of my songs on facebook, one from the EP given away at the party, one available only on amazon. Check back often, that's it for now, thanks for listening.