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New Year = New Shows/Songs

After taking a month off in December, due to KG's promotion to Assistant Manager of the Heathman Hotel Restaurant, Rabid Wombat is back with a vengeance in January.

We have new content, new venues, as well as all of the old favorites, just for good measure. I hope everyone is ready to dance their ass off, and get hammered to the funky rhythms that we've got in store for you.

It's a new year, and in theory we've survived the Mayan apocalypse. So rejoice, celebrate, and dedicate yourself to going out and enjoying great music more often.

Our goals for the coming year are 3 fold. One, do more to engage our fans by supplying online content, offering special incentives to come to shows,and generally being even more awesome live. Two, complete and record our second album. It's halfway written, and if you've been to a recent show then you've already heard how epic the new songs are shaping up to be. Third, greater collaboration with local artists. We want to do more than earn some cash, and play music (as awesome as those things are). By setting up events with other groups, we can help enrich the local scene, and raise awareness about the truly exceptional live music that's happening every day.

Thanks again to all our fans for your support and feedback. Here's to a New Year, full of promise and possibility.

Summertime in PDX

Well, summer is almost upon us, and Rabid Wombat is gearing up for some new shows and the release of our long postponed album. After some steady gigs at the Jolly Roger, we are looking to expand into new venues and possibly some outdoor music festivals.

Our lead singer Kevin has a new baby girl, so there's one more fan in the mix. It's been a little hectic with everything that's been happening lately, but we still practice every week, and even have 5 or 6 brand new songs.

Hopefully our new push to expose ourselves (artistically speaking) to new people will increase awareness of what we are trying to accomplish. Our passion in music is mixing the gritty style of 90's alternative, with the Epic nature of 80's rock, and infusing it with the energy of 70's funk.

The music is somewhat a message all of the auto tuned keyboard bands that just rehash 80's synth-pop and act like it's ground breaking. "Your time is coming to an end". But mostly it's just fun to play and we have a blast performing it.

Rabid Wombats Invade the Interwebs

Two weeks into July and the RW crew is in full effect. We've been playing shows regularly, and writing new songs/learning new covers at a blistering pace. The one place we are lagging is the content we've posted online. Our homemade 4 track demo is cool, (check it out if you haven't already), but we've made a lot of progress since then and we're hoping to have some stronger recordings in the near future to reflect those changes.

It's always hard with bands to prioritize the time you spend together. Is it better to practice your existing tunes, work on new songs, or do recording work and event promotion? We try and keep it balanced, but circumstances sometimes dictate our direction. The most important things to remember are: stay positive, work hard, and be patient.