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Our first two originals are solid ... getting good response! Love it! Also, we won the initial round of the Golrilla Music Battle of the Band Philly, and we move on to the finals in June at World Cafe live!!! Hopefully headed into the studio soon to get recording ... stay tuned, we will post soon!!

In Too Deep

In Too Deep is really starting to form itself, with the structure and lyrics just about set in stone. Now its time to focus on tightening and intricacies for it and go through all our recorded ideas and continue working on more complete originals.

In Too Deep

Right now we are working on an Orginal with the working title of In Too Deep. Not that it is the only idea we have going right now, but it definitely is looking like it is the nearest to completion!


Gotta tell you ... Feels great to be writing again. Recently lost a guitar player, so the dynamic has changed a bit. We are really starting to concentrate on originals again! Stay tuned! We should have something out soon!

What's your favorite Chainfall cover?

We cover about 65 songs now...to our fans out there, what's your favorite? Head Like a Hole? Diamond Eyes? Paradise City? Highway to Hell? Let us know what you want to hear more of/less of!

New Venues

We will be playing at some new venues, adding videos, and keeping up to date here on R.N.