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New Video Posted!

Ok, heres the run down. I buy a used National Reso-Phonic guitar, plays fine for a while until i notice the neck binding slowly coming lose from the body and the neck creaking like a 1920's Beaumont home with wooden floor on stilts. I send it off, & they replace the entire body at no charge( !!!!) to keep me working. That makes me feel so proud, and i am in such a debt of thank you's its unreal.

Si Feem

16 Tons of thank you!

Thanks so much for all the new likes on the reverb here. All the support feels very nice! :]

New Last Lick video!

Posted one after the gig a few nights ago. Havn't made one in a while...Hope you enjoy!!!

6-20-13 Captains Blog

So i just ordered a small run of shirts. Not to mention the first ever run! Also I have been perfecting my technique cutting glass bottlenecks. Hand sanded mojo transfer in every slide! They will be for sale as soon as i get my first batch of shirts. Last but not least. Hit up the Itunes or my reverb store and pick up my singles!

Whoa New Songs!!!

Itunes links will be available very shortly. Next on the list is some 45's or who knows cassettes maybe?? Time to get back and hash out some more!