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Update 11/25/14

Hello everyone! I deeply apologize for the serious delay in posting. There have been some things going on in my personal life with medical issues and also the passing of a very dear friend and family member. On November 10th, 2014, my brother and best friend Patick Daenzer sadly lost his life. He had been in a battle for a very long time and out of respect for him and my family I will not say what. His death has taken a very big impact on my self and my family and I know some of you out there have already sent prayers to us and we appreciate it very much. I loved Pat with all my heart and nothing could ever replace the love we had for him. In dealing with all of these issues, I have not been able to write but over the last few days I have written some new music and I hope to enter the studio in December and have a new CD for you some time in the new year. I appreciate everyones thoughts and prayers for my family and I promise i will try and have something new very soon. Thank you, ~Joel Pratt


YES! I am currently working on a new CD at the moment. I am only in the writing stages at this point but hope to be in the studio by March. I apologize for the delay in posting and keeping people updated but some health issues did come up that prevented me from doing anything music related. To answer all of the question now, YES the next CD will also be FREE! I dont feel the need to charge people for my music anymore because frankly, I am not that great of a musician to make people pay for it. But for those who love the music anyway I deeply appreciate it and I continue to write music literally for the reason of still having fans who want to hear it so thank you for keeping it going :-)

I have also been getting a lot of emails from other bands asking me if I wish to join their band. First off thank you so much for your offer, almost every single band I have heard is simply amazing, however i do not wish to join a band and I wish you the best of luck in finding the right memeber for your band!

Thats all for now with the updates! Thank you all for your support and more news to come!


In case you were wondering, YES all of my new music including my debut solo album The Beginning of a Silhouette Dream is now FREE! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Just visit reverbnation.com/joelprattofficial and choose the song(s) you like and download. Thats it! I will no longer be charging for anything new that I put, there is no reason too...So enjoy the free music as it is posted.


Album on sale now!!! 11/25/13

I apologize for the delay in posting. I am going to attempt to get on here now every single day and not let things get in the way of it!

First off thank you all for the wonderful emails and messages on Reverbnation in regards to the health issues I have been having, its really nice to know I have a lot of supporters out there! Also thank you for the wonderful words about the album!!! They have literally made my year :-)

The CD can finally be purchased!!! It is still only available through smartpunk.com/joelprattofficial for digital download but I hope to have it on iTunes before the end of the year and I should have an app available in the iTunes store within the next month or so!!!!

I am going to try and make some more acoustic videos for youtube and I am going to try and start uploading a video every 2 weeks of some sort, being update, acoustic session or whatever. Also I am going to finally attempt to make a music video and also do some live acoustic sessions!!!

That's all for now thank you all for the support!


There is a purpose ~ 10/31/2013

Every album has a purpose and meaning that holds dear to a band. The Beginning of a Silhouette Dream has a meaning and purpose to me. I'll let you ponder the meaning of the title but whole point of even making this CD was so I could pass along something good.

I want to formally announce that 50% of the proceeds from this record will be donated to the Jon Lives On Suicide Prevention Foundation. This foundation holds close to my heart because it was started in honor of a very close friend who committed suicide. We all love and miss him dearly.

The other purpose for this record is to finally release my song Dear Adam written for my friend Adam Kevin Harden. Adam lost his life in 2011 due to a drug overdose and the hearts of those who loved Adam dearly have hung heavy ever since his passing. This song is not just for those who lost Adam, but for anyone out there who has lost a loved one due to drugs. I hope this song can bring some sort of peace into your life. Adam - Aaron and I miss you terribly as do the rest of you're friends and you're family. We all love and miss you so much.

Thank you all so much for the love and support during the making of this record. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Thank you


Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca Rogers  (about 4 years ago)

Everything you have done is nothing short of amazing. You have a wonderful and inspiring purpose that you can pass on in such a touching way. I'm sure Adam is watching over you and couldn't be more proud of you to have a friend that could cherish and love someone so much. Congrats on your hard work paying off and your cd being finished. You deserve the best if luck with it.

CD On Reverb!!!! 10/31/2013

My debut album The Beginning of a Silhouette Dream can now be heard on my reverbnation! There was a slight problem when getting it onto Smartpunk.com which should be fixed in the next 12 hours so once it is available for purchase there will be a posting and the CD is only $6!!!!!

You will only be able to purchase the CD from Smartpunk.com for 7 days then it will be availble through iTunes, Napster, Amazon, CD Baby, etc. Please continue to check the site for more details!!!!



Update!!! 9/16/2013

Hello Everyone!!! I apologize for the HUGE delay in posting an update on here or on my FACEBOOK account but I had some health issues arise and have not been able to be in the studio or do my music videos yet but I am some what back in good standing and was finally able to get back on track so again forgive me for the delay in posting. So now that I have new information to post I wanted to let everyone know that the release of my debut solo album will be a little different. I will be releasing the album on October 31st, 2013!!! However, this will only be a Digital Release at first. It will be on Smartpunk.com, ITunes, Amazon, Napster, CD Baby etc. Then sometime in the beginning of 2014 I will be releasing the hard copies online and at a few select stores in the Genesse County Area in Michigan. If you live outside the area and want to have a hard copy of the record you WILL be able to order it through ANY of my music websites so no worries! That's all the info for now! Thank you all for you're continued support and keep checking my site for more updates!!!! ~Joel

What You Have Been Waiting For!!!! 7.23.13

Hello Again! I am finally announcing the information regarding my debut solo album! The title of the album is “The Beginning of a Silhouette Dream” but the release date is still up in the air at this time. It will feature 6 songs possibly a hidden track if you are lucky ;) The titles of the tracks are as follows Silhouette Dreams Every Moment You’re The Reason Dear Adam I'll Be The King To You're Queen Making Bed’s Along with releasing a debut album yes I will be doing a CD release show as soon as it is decided what the release date will be. That’s all the information for now. I just want to say thank you to all the fans right now for your continued support and I hope you enjoy all the releases coming up!!!! Thanks ~Joel

Another Update! 7.11.13

Good day to you all! In recent family matters, I had to place recording on hold for a couple weeks so I apologize for the delay but I will be back in the studio starting this weekend and I will try and get as much done as I possibly can so I can get back on track! I appreciate all the fan emails and messages and comments you guys are seriously making this so much fun! I recently discovered a song by a country artist that I found rather intriguing so I thought “Hey!? What not do a remake!?” So I will possibly be releasing that before August 5th which is when the first single off the CD will be dropping! Keep your messages, comments, questions and support coming in! I seriously appreciate it more than you know! Thanks Again! Joel

Recording Update/Thank You Ace's!!! 6.18.13

Hello again everyone! It has been an interesting month to say the least! I wanted to give everyone an update on what exactly I am doing at this time. I have been recording for about a month now with Zig Productions in Frankenmuth, MI working on my debut solo CD “The Beginning of a Silhouette Dream” and it has been going very well! We have been having a lot of fun working together along with other musicians in the studio including Jeff Rogers (Formally of Kill Whitey) and the CD is honestly turning out better than I have ever imagined it too!!! I have not yet set a release date for the CD or what the track listing is going to be yet because I want to get a little further in the recording process and have some other things lined up before it is announced so please be patient… You will know soon enough ;-) Last thing, I want to thank all of my friends for the VERY GENEROUS help you have been providing me in order to even bring this CD to life. None of this would even be happening if you all were not helping me and everyone has been doing a lot but one person I want to thank personally is my friend Ace’s (Using nickname for identity purposes). You have seriously been a huge supporter of me doing music since the day I met you. You have been pushing me to go big or go home and I think out of all my friends and family, YOU were the one who was most excited when I finally said I was going to do a solo CD. I can honestly sit here and say without your help, your very generous donation and your continued support, this CD would have NEVER been started! YOU are the reason this is happening right now so from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for who you are and what you do for me! That’s all now! Hope to have an update involving a sneak peek at the new single coming out in the summer!!! Thanks again! -Joel