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Goodbye Amy, say hello to Jim for us.

I wrote part of the song “Coming Down Easy” soon after hearing Amy Winehouse for the first time in 2007. I finished the song several months later. The beginning beats and bass are right from “You Know I’m No Good”. The line “you're in the kitchen drinking wine” from “Coming Down Easy” was also inspired by Amy’s lyrics. She has at least three songs that I know of with references to being in the kitchen…I found this an alluring image and one I could relate to…it fit right in. She was an amazing songwriter, that’s really what made her great.

Oddly enough, the song was also inspired in-part by the Doors “Soul Kitchen”. The two-chord progression during the verse and the repetitive guitar riff is Robby Krieger coming through…

Goodbye Amy, say hello to Jim for us. Twenty-seven years is too soon to disappear from the planet. Now that I think of it…Coming Down Easy would make a great duet with Jim singing one line and Amy responding…(Jim) “Your love, has got me coming down easy”, (Amy) “I feel just like I wanna stay home” (together) “I’m on the back porch wasting time and you’re in the kitchen drinking wine”.