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Keep stiil, the Lord is fighting your battle-

Sometimes it´s time to contemplate and meditate/pray. Some other times we got to stand up and fight for the right in the name of our Lord. But: Love is the key to any action.....! Doesn´t mean to keep quiet and suffer injustice, crime, egoism etc. .....but if we are supposed to move: l et´s get up our butts!!! Loving means also to tell the uncomfortable but healing truth, privately and politically. Our systems we are living in are often controlled by materiailism, personal and national egoism. We can just complain or make an impact acting differently rising up and opening our mouths for right. Being honest is not the easiest way to deal with realities but it´s the way Rabbi Jeshua (aramaic) and other wise guys tought - for a reason!

I know, whenever I follow this path I will have to confront with lots of things and people to hinder me but I also know:

I can keep still innerly while fighting for the right because I´m a son (daughter) of the creator of the Universe. No weapon formed against me, no death, no mafia, no unjust political system, no hell can do me any harm when I do the right. That´s whatt I´m praying for to learn and understand to go this loving and all changing way...

ROCK `N ROLL PREACHIN´ (© 1993), songs about God, the world, women and life)!

Well, that´s all what my songs are about. Guess you find yourself in them too. Hopefully in the lines about happiness! If not, I hope you´ll maybe find some comfort in the other lyrics being able to identify with many of us in the same boat.