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Brittany Kish / Blog

Day 7

hello everyone..so it was officially thr first day of summer today and it was gorgous!! got a new baithing suit and was outside all day. couldnt ask for anything better. Although getting some strange news last night wasnt something that i planned for but everything does happen for a reason. So everyone out there that is reading this, live for yourself dont live for what others want you to do because it will only hurt you even more. Thankfully for me when im lost i always just start singing hat i feel. and honestly when i feel like this for some reason i always seem to sing better haha LOVE IT! so thank you to all those that make me down! your the reason why i do what i do. THANKS :) please check out my new songs and listen listen listen..love you all fans!! love always, britt

Day 6

one word! SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! love always, britt

day 5

hello all! its rainging...surprise surprise! nothing really happened today besides the fact that its only wednesday and feels like the week should be over already. or that school just needs to be out completly! yeah i agree with my second answer WAY better haha.... im sorry this entry is going to be so short but i actually have to study for finals all night and well im not looking forward to it but it will be my last time for the summer so why not make it a good study session. i hope your day is going well :) love always, -britt

Day 4

heyy everyone!! first of all i want to thank everyone who has checked out my page and listened to songs and even became fans..i appreciate it soo much and love you all!! yesterday described as just two words....CHRIS DAUGHTRY! for all of you that hav been readin my blog i went to go see him in concert last night, and let me tell you it was amazing! Lifehouse opened for them along with a band named Cavo. let me tell you, ahhh amazing! we were seated eleven rows back from the stage and to the right aisle...I TOUCHED THE LEAD SINGERS HAND OF LIFEHOUSE!! oh the memories :) one other thing that i would like to bring up is that because of daughtry. how did daughtry get his fame? well if you dont know chris he was a hit on american idol and in my eyes he should have won, but he didnt give up and look where he is now. so as of today i am posting that i will be trying out for american idol and i am looking for support. this is my dream to perform on a stage like he did last night and i would and will do anything if i can just have that. so please any advice or anything i will take. have you tried out for AI? if so whats it like? please let me know :) as of for today everyone have a great rest of the week and enjoy your day. i love you all! love always -britt

Day 3

THE SUN CAME OUT TODAY!!! i honestly feel like i havent seen it in forever. This post is going to be a bit shorter than my other ones just because i am getting ready to go to a concert... CHRIS DAUGHTRY!!!! besides all my country artists and well the only thing i listen to is country, but daughtry is probably one of most favorite american idols ever!! well getting ready to head out so i will leave this entry with a quote from one of his songs.... "All that I'm after is a life full of laughter As long as I'm laughing with you." love always, brittany kish

Day 2

So it's day 2..... i was suppost to be cleaning the house today...oh i did but i got a little side tracked not gonna lie. Took some pictures, sang some songs, and trying to get a new video up on the good ol youtube, but havent really decided what songs to sing. any suggestions, PLEASE let me know because i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear from you! By the way i was searching youtube and if you havent heard or listened to these two THEY ARE AMAZING!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXoAQoZs_hE This song i can relate to myself a lot and i am sure you can too, So why can you relate to that song? i want to know what you think about it? have a great sunday everyone! and always know your never alone, someone is always watching over you and walking with you. love always, britt

Day 1

Today has just been one of those days. First things first all i want is the sun, it seems liek we havent had a sunny weekend in soo long! i am beginning to miss it. please make sure to check out my YouTube channel bkish08, i just recently put new videos up and i hope you enjoy them :) What is your take on inspirational movies? For me it just fits the description; they are inspiartional! I just finished watching a movie intitled "believe in me." if you havent seen this movie, you better go watch it right now! So today, tomorrow and for as long as you live, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! i promise you if you do that you will go far in believeing in just your own heart. I hope you all have a good rest of your saturday and enjoy the rest of the weekend. love always, britt

365 days

as of now i am going to be starting a blog that runs through 365 days..in other words a year. Some people may read it others may not, but for me it will give me something to do. So please if you have anything you would like to know about myself or any topics you think would be good to discuss, let me know. because i am sure one of these days i will not have much to say so i would like to hear from you. summers almost here and i cannot wait. i hope everyone had a great week and to have a good weekend. i love you all!! brittany kish - 365