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Black Rose Available

After a year of crafting and tinkering, Black Rose is finally available: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/scotthoye

Six Degrees Concert Material

I have really been enjoying the three-part invention for Celtic harp, recorder and Native American flute written by Regina Harris Baiocchi. I am working on it along side more typical music for Celtic harp repertoire, an Italian Baroque dance and coupe of Irish slip-jigs, so the contrasting complexity of the first movement is really enjoyable for me. Looking forward to polishing it up for the concert.

Cat Fish Bird Studio Update

Album work has taken a back seat to other obligations since December. However, I hope to get back to the studio soon to add two or three tracks to round out "Black Rose."

Sound Cloud

I have posted longer tunes at Sound Cloud, as they allow for fee uploads of larger files that RN. You may wish to check me out there as well. --Scott

Plans & Projects

I am currently working on an album, the working title of which is Black Rose. It will consist of four Sean Nos tunes (two new, two old standards), three Ui'Carolainn tunes (one not so often recorded, two standards that you likely have heard in one or another format), vocal tunes with multi-tracked instruments (one standard Celtic folk, and two new, contemporary tunes written by me), and a handful of trad. tunes that will be multi-track endeavors.

I am giving myself roughly six months to a year to do so. This will allow for me to work out bugs with home recording and mixing at Cat Fish Bird Studio, and mastering with an outside engineer at a studio proper.

A couple more Sean Nos tunes will be uploaded soon, and harp tunes thereafter. Keep checking back.--S.H.

The Flower of Magherally

This is a tune I sang quite a bit years ago with The Spriggans. my friend Joe Chalmers, a great Scot and Blues and Jazz fan, originally from Kilmarnock, thought the melody was similar to "The House of the Rising Sun." It is modal, in Dorian, and has some similarities. The lyrics are among many in the Sean Nos tradition--boy meets amazingly beautiful, off-limits girl, pines, and sing song for/about her. Will he ever get the girl? Hope not, elsewise, I won't have such a haunting, sad some to sing.

Scott Hoye
Scott Hoye  (about 6 years ago)

I've taken some liberties with the melody. I like to improvise and add variations to it. I also try in this version to imitate pibroc or piping stylings, bending notes and using octaves like small pipes or uillean pipes. I hope it carries off well, and apologize for the distortion. Remixes to follow on both tunes soon, as I work out the mix-down bugs....

B is for Black Rose

Black Rose is a tune I wrote for a dancer friend many years ago. I had initially intended it to be a prelude for the tune, "Beauty's Daughters" (Spriggans II, available here at CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/spriggans1 ) Patrick Penta had continued performing this tune, along with "Thy Name" in our prog rock band Seranati (Link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/seranati ). Black Rose is English for Rosin Dubh. I had no idea about this initially, but loved the imagery, and love black roses, and have ever since I was a wee gasur, in love with Morticia Addams. I did, however intend for this to be in a sort of Sean Nos (old style) Irish singing that I performed occasionally with The Spriggans. At any rate, here is the tune, some 16 years later, fresh as ever.

The term Summer's Country is used for the Isle of Avalon in Wales, but since I am a Yankee by birth, tis pure poetic license to pinch it.

Scott Hoye
Scott Hoye  (about 6 years ago)

Incidentally, "Beauty's Daughters" and "Thy Name" were originally Lord Byron's Stanzas for music, as adapted by The Spriggans


I am happy to be posting tunes to Reverb Nation. After years out of the business and creative process of music, I am back, doing home studio work, and moving towards the goal of an album of celtic and contemporary tunes. Check back for updates...