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Heavy Justice / Blog

4-30-14 Update for you!

Metalheads! Big news!

We've sold our first 100 records! That may not seem like much but that's a lot in the underground in just a few short months! And it means the music is getting out there into people's hands.

The Music Video is creeping up on 8,000 views! Which came out around the same time as the record so thats a good feeling. Way more than I ever thought we'd have by this time.

And both are getting received really well. If you've got the record, definitely shoot us a message on Facebook and let us know what your favorite track is!

We're still writing new material. A lot of potential floating but nothing's 100 percent yet. But nothing really is till you're laying it down in the studio.

We've been playing a new track live recently, tentatively called "Bone to Dust". So far, people are really digging it. We're playing a TON of shows the last few months and the next few to follow. Trying to branch out more into Las Vegas, San Diego, and hopefully into some other states as well. Trying to increase the production value of our live show too, so when you come see us, you know you're gonna see one of the most exciting live bands in the underground!

So, its been super busy, which is a good thing for us, and I haven't had a chance to update the blog, but I will every chance I get! Its a grind and its not an easy lifestyle, but I'm loving every minute of it.

Make sure follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and instagram to get constant updates and subscribe to our YouTube page for new live videos from shows!

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Feb 2014 - Writing New Stuff part 2

Macabre: involving death or violence in a way that is strange, frightening, or unpleasant

Its not word that gets used in conversation much. I'd venture to say most people don't know what the word means.

But even if they did, it wouldn't matter. Because it is one of those few words where the definition doesn't really capture the essence of it. Its a word that when you say it, it evokes a feeling in you, that the definition can't fully describe.

It tries. Strange, frightening, or unpleasant. Makes sense, right? But thats not enough. Its more than that. That word makes me feel something I CAN'T describe. The definition is the diagnosis. The feeling is the symptom.

Melancholy has the same effect for me. There's just something intangible happening that hasn't been fully fleshed out in description and I'm not sure I have the chops to or even that it could be.

Luckily, I don't work for Websters. My job as a story-teller isn't to describe every last detail of something to you so as to help you define what it means. Especially not in the confines of music and lyricism. My job is to describe the EXPERIENCE.

The next series of songs I have been working on are heavier, more intense, uglier, and darker. And that's where the idea of the Macabre came from. Here's something that the direct description tells you what it is, but doesn't express the experience. And that's where I want to go. Into the experience of the Macabre. I think Metal lyricists have, in the past, tried to describe it to you. But no one has ever really put you through experiencing it. I want to try and go there.

I've never been afraid of the darker parts of life. Hand in hand with Heavy Metal. But I think to be able to write about it, I have to become more introspective. Look at the darker parts of myself, the sadistic, the cynical, the evil parts that you don't really have the opportunity to in real life. And take those ugly ideas, sift them through poetry, hoping that the experience comes through the other side by retaining that important ugliness through that filtering process.

The trick of writing about an experience is to give your audience one of their own. And it may not necessarily be the one you are writing about directly. But rather one that is personal to them. It will mean more.

And I think the macabre is a great place for that. Because its just one of those things you can only really know you're experiencing when you feel it.

I need to shoot for the symptom when I write about it. Because that's where the struggle is.

- Neilio

to be continued...

Jan 2014 - Writing New Stuff part 1

As the album comes close to being released, and the creative aspect of its development is finished, me and the boys have been looking towards the future. Not just of "Apocalyze", but future music. We've begun getting our writer's hats back on. And its both exciting and scary.

Exciting because some of the songs on this album are over 10 years old. And they've changed over the years, but the themes and ideas in those songs remained the same. We've been performing these songs for a long time. We're itching for something new. Hard to understand if you're new to us. And those of you who are fans since we reformed, there's some stuff you will be hearing for the first time.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for the album and these songs. I can't wait to get them to you all. This record is an achievement of a goal I've had for half my life.

But Heavy Justice, what it was, and what it is, for me, is not as exciting as what it will be.

Greg and I have been song writing partners since 1999. Together with Adam, we wrote the songs on this album. But now Greg and I are going to write new music with new people for the SAME band. We've got two new, talented musicians and song writers that will be apart of creating the sound of the future of Heavy Justice. That is something Greg and I have never experienced in this band. I am really looking forward to it.

Its been a really long time, since I was apart of In Sepia, almost 10 years ago, that I have written songs with more than just one other person. We all write on our own, but once you bring those ideas to each other in collaboration, the best part of the process is watching those ideas take a new shape based on how we all tell stories together. We've got all of experience, a lot of history, and now we've got some fresh minds.

Thats where the fear comes in. It is knowing that not everyone has chemistry when it comes to the collaborative process. I got lucky. I found a partner, in Greg, that believed in similar ideas of story-telling that I did. And with Greg's musical prowess, I was able to enhance my own musical creation ability. How will Curtis and Boka fit into this equation? Will it change the process? Can the process even change after having operated this way for so long?

I don't know.

But I REALLY wanna find out.

And so I start the next step by taking a look at my own writing process.

- Neilio

To be continued...

Whats to come

Hey guys, Neilio's back!

We've got a big month! The mix for the album is nearly complete! From there, finishing touches and then sending off to master! Then print and into your hands! Its looking like mid-December!

We're gonna have a release party to celebrate! Greg and I have been working on some of these songs for over 10 years and its really exciting to FINALLY be able to put them in your hands! And then we are gonna get to play them live with our new brothers, Boka and Curtis! Its a really exciting time!

And this month... we are filming our 1st MUSIC VIDEO! Its gonna be amazing! Producing is a huge job but we've got a phenomenal group of professionals putting it all together!

FYI, Greg just built a new website! Check it out! www.heavyjustice.com

Be back soon with more!

Oct Updates

Yo yo!

Wanted to keep everyone up to date on whats happening!

We just performed at The Terrace in Pasadena. Nice venue. Great sound and light tech there. Parking situation is a disaster tho. But we'll definitely be going back in the future. Should be some media coming your way from that event soon.

We've got another show coming up on Oct 20th at Tropics in Fullerton. We're on at 11PM. More info on that will be posted up soon!

I took a visit the Apocalyze Music Video location last week and it is pretty amazing. As soon as we saw the place, the ideas came pouring out! Its looking to get shooting in November! Really excited about it! I've hired a very creative director, Michael Schlink of Sharp Balloon. You can check out his work here: www.facebook.com/sharpballoon

Its also looking like Heavy Justice is going to have our first internet radio interview on November 17th! KTSTFM.com! We'll be there to promote the new album, play a live song or two, and you could possibly get a sneak peek at a song from the album! T.T. Morgann is the host and the show runs from 6PM to 7:20PM! Check it out to get all the content! You can check out her current shows here: http://www.youtube.com/user/ttmorgann

\m/ Neilio

Album release update

Hey guys,

Album gets closer and yet still so far! We were hoping to put it out at the end of October, but the mix process is a longer process than expected. Looking more like December-ish, just in time for the holidays!

But its gonna be totally worth it! We're not putting it out there till its absolutely worth putting in your hands! You will not be disappointed either! From what I've heard here and there in the mix... I 100 percent back the studio in taking its time to get it right. Cause the work they are doing is fuckin SICK.

Gonna hopefully be submitting at the last minute for the LA Music Awards too!

And music video will hopefully shoot in November! Gonna be a busy holiday season for HJ!

And we haven't forgotten! Those of you who donated in our fundraiser will get an early digital copy!

Don't forget to check out my documentary on our YouTube page too!

Peace to you! Neilio

So many projects, so little time!

What up, guys!

Neilio here! We've have been and are still releasing a massive amount of content for you leading up to the album release! As far as that is going, it takes some time to get the editing, mixing, and mastering just right, but we're looking to release some time around Halloween! I've got 4 parts of 5 of my documentary on the making of our album up on YouTube which you can check out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HeavyJusticeBand

We just did a photoshoot with our new band members, Boka and Curtis! You can check that out on our Facebook page here: http:www.facebook.com/heavyjustice and we've got a second one coming soon too!

We'll be releasing the album art pretty soon and we've got 2 shows lined up this month as well!

And, I'm producing our first music video which we should be shooting in November some time!

We are getting ready to submit for the LA Music Awards as well! Fuckin' crazy how much we've got going on right now and its all good! We cannot wait to get this album in your hands!

\m/ Neilio