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Making It Happen!

We are happy to announce we booked another privet party! Keep us in mind for Privet Party’s, Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Birthday's or what ever else!

Movin on up

According to Reverbnation, The Orange Match has moved to number 3 on the local charts! Talk about exciting! Also we continue to move up the national charts everyday. We moved up 800 spots yesterday! Keep listening to our music and we will keep playing it!

What playing together means to us!

The Orange Match's main goal is to play music to people who enjoy good music and like to have fun and dance. We want to make you dance. All three of us have been playing music since we were very young. To continue to be able to play music and enhance our gifts of musical talent with each other makes it that much more special. Each member has a great deal to contribute to the music and without each individual we would not have the sound that is the Orange Match. It feels as though to lose one member would completely change the direction and sound of the band. We all feed off of each other and we all like playing music with each other. It only makes it better when we play a show and the music is spot on and we all look at each other on stage and instantly know that what we are doing is right.


This week we thought we would post some updates in our blog.

Monday is going to be a fun and busy day. We are recording 6 songs that we hope to make available as soon as we can! We want to finally make our music available for people to listen to. Slowly but surely we are getting things accomplished. Our website and facebook pages are starting to rack up the visits and our videos are online and starting to accumulate views. We need to get our music out there so that we can start to process of getting people to know who we are.

We are still looking for places to play. It is pretty hard to book shows with no music available for them to listen to. So again Monday is a big big day that we are excited for.

We just put the final touches on a brand new song yesterday, just in time for the recording studio. Please, if you have seen our shows and liked them, please tell people you know to visit our facebook page and like us. The more people we connect with the more we hope to get at our shows and the more successful we will be.

Thanks for reading The Orange Match

Progress being made

So we released our video bio/interview video on youtube, facebook, reverbnation and our website www.theorangematch.com. The video is a short getting to know the band interview that we hope you will take the time to watch. We hope that the video helps to attract people to watch us play and eventually listen to our music.

We will be recording a few tracks on August 1st and we hope to have that music available to everyone by the middle of August. This is exciting for us and we hope that you will enjoy it also.

We had a productive practice pretty early this morning trying to clean up some vocals and actually fine tuning a new song that we started just last week but we think has good potential. So we think its safe to say that progress is being made!

-The Orange Match-

Success is near

So we played a free show last night at the local park and we have to say it went pretty well. There was a decent turnout considering we did not have much time to promote it. Only 4 days in fact. The crowd seemed to have fun and we did too. We recieved great feedback from not only friends but from people that we have never met which is wonderful because I feel as though we are going to build a fantastic fan base. We are recording six new songs in two weeks that will be on the website and all of our other social networking outlets and we are starting to line up shows. We can not help but feel that success is near