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Official Press Release

Good Morning. First of all, thank you so much for your love and support for the past 9 years. While it may not seem like a long time, it wouldn't have been possible without you. I am issuing this statement to publicly announce my return to the Independent scene, as I have decided not to sign a new contract with Parriscope Ent. inc. While I do appreciate the opportunity, the need to freely create and control my Art was a determining factor, amongst other things. I have also assumed full control over all management, booking duties and social media interaction until further notice. With this separation, there is absolutely no affiliation with myself and any label, nor do I endorse, promote, or support the sale and/or promotion of any music prior to 2014 or endorse/promote/support any appearances/performances of the said label. This gives me the creative freedom and control to independently release new material, with a single to debut in March 2015, and brand new full length album on August 9, 2015. Both album and single titles will be given in a future press release. I do appreciate you all for understanding and supporting me through this transition. Mind you, this is strictly a business decision and not at all personally driven ( hope this dispells all rumors). Our vision has outgrown it's former surroundings, and we are looking to greater horizons and challenges. I ask for your continued support and prayers as we journey forward. It's been a great learning curve, and we will flourish together in the future. Thank you for your understanding, and I am grateful for the chance to bring you real soul music with real vision and limitless passion. Every project will be mixed properly and carefully....no rush jobs, continuing the set standard of my music. That's the TyteWork® standard. Get ready for the new chapter. Get ready for REAL Soul music. Get ready for a Soul Revival. Blessings, Chris Williams

Vintage Soul

Good morning Soul brothers and sisters. In case you haven't heard, I will be releasing my debut album "Vintage Soul" on October 25th. I, along with the Parriscope Ent family are very excited about this release. After releasing the self-titled EP last year to positive reviews, we wanted to make sure that every single detail of this album was exact and on point. For this reason, we spent a little extra time on this. I believe that this album will be well worth the wait, and will definitely usher in a new era of soul music. Thank you all for your patience, and i hope to see you at the release party!!!!

April 14

Peace & blessings 2 all. I would like to take this time out to thank all of my supporters for you continuous support & love that I have received on a consistent basis, since the release of my single "I'll Be Alright". It is because of that support that we have now reached international attention. We have received confirmation that the single has cracked rotation in England!! God is awesome, ain't he?!? Lol! Currently, I am hard at work, finishing the project, as well as planning the next follow up. Also, we will be releasing the album title soon. Stay tuned, and thank you all. Chris Williams