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Rock Laboratory's most badass show... 12/13/09 @ Cat's Cradle.

If you can read the words that are coming out of my hands as I type this, you must surely feel COMPELLED to ATTEND ....

THE ROCK LABORATORY! Sunday night December 13th @ 9:30pm!

We will be joined by Swaso and The Flashlight Assembly.

This particular show will be BEYOND BELIEF. The Goblin King Jareth will be singing us onstage, and even doing the thing with the ball on his hands thing from Labyrinth.

We will be joined by the CRAMPUS holiday monster, and haunted by the GHOST OF KENNY ROGERS!

NEW ROBOT GIRLS! and also... TUBA!

Be a willing part of our ROCK-XPERIMENT! We double dog dare you to attend!

Your colleague in rock-science, DR. ROCKTACULAR

Summer Acoustic Shows ...

After nearly a year of not telling anybody about my acoustic shows, I've got something to really tell people about. I'm playing a series of acoustic shows this summer with some AWESOME artists that I'm honored to be associated with. Taylor Herbert is the Stranger Spirits new full time guitarist. Anderson and I are lucky to have him aboard. Taylor is an awesome, smooth texture jivin' thinking man's songwriter, and he plays a short set of some of his own material at these shows and I'm a better musician for it. If you show up, request his song, "The Trees Don't Know". You'll thank me. Also, playing some of these shows before the end of June is Sarah Goss, who has to be one of the best natural songwriters and best singers I've ever had the honor of working with. Ask her to play the Ballad of Charlie Rocky. Sharing shows with these guys (and a few other surprise guests) have really brought out the best in me, and these are some of the best acoustic shows I've played in a long time, and after that great benefit show at the Cat's Cradle back in April, we're kinda back into the whole "entertaining you live" thing. Hope to see you at one of our shows! -Chris W.

Tell Your Friends... Warn Your Enemies!

Did you know that we're in a band? It's true. We ARE in a band. Fellow songweaver and drummer Chris Anderson and I have been in a band for like... seven years. It's called STRANGER SPIRITS. We're still recording lots of new songs, and we're playing at the Cat's Cradle with a bunch of other bands on April the 19th! This year! And unlike many, many other bands we want YOU to be on OUR mailing list! You must be thinking, "How can I be on the mailing list? I need to know more because I love getting emails like this!!!!" So we promise not to give anybody your information. After you click here it sends you to a safe place where it will send you back a confirmation email. Then we'll seriously never send you tons of updates. ARE YOU READY FOR THIS AWESOME EXPERIENCE? paste this into your browser: http://www.reverbnation.com/strangerspirits?add_email=true Thanks! Chris Wimberley and Chris Anderson The Stranger Spirits