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Kid Ziggy here again. I just wanted to thank anyone and everyone that contributed to my 1,000 follower benchmark on twitter! I'm so blessed to be expanding my social media and creating my platform. I'm planing on releasing a lot of dope music very soon.... I hope y'all can keep staying patient. I'm pretty confident with everything thats coming as far as music, videos, vines, a new youtube channel, and more activity on social media to have fun with the fans and bring some vibes to the table. I hope y'all keep fuckin with the movement!

I'm Back!

Whats up y'all? This is Kid Ziggy. Izhi and I have been takin some time off (a shit load of time actually), but we are back in the music scene and ready to bring y'all some music again. I'm currently working on a personal mixtape that'll be dropping sometime before the summer starts. As you probably saw, I dropped some new music that I have been working on. Super Truper is a friend of ours who happens to be a phenomenal producer, and I have been blessed to work with him. Super Truper, Izhi and I will be working on a collab EP during the summer after my mixtape drops. So, there should be lot of great vibes coming your way. Please stay tuned fam!


Please check out our page and listen to our stuff! New songs will be posted soon. Thanks!