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Mission! Spread New Goliath Monsignor Single

Hey fans please help spread the new "Goliath Monsignor" single called (Slaughter) we ask that you spread to just three of your friends on facebook and ask that they repeat this process to there friends as well here is the link !!http://www.reverbnation.com/goliathmonsignor

Bioinic Jive New EP Coming!!!

Bionic Jive is coming soon with a new ep yet to be titled at this time but the super thug metal band will return in 2012 with another classic for your listening pleasure so keep your eyes and ears to the street.

Bionic Jive - 2009

Bionic Jive is proud to announce the addition of two new members to the squad. First up: Chris "Cooter" Carlson, Drummer extrordinaire. This guy is like 1000 pounds of C4 in 140 pound bag. KABOOM! This percussion assault is nothing less than lethal and no one will be spared! And secondly: Matt "Porkchop" Ward on Lead Guitar. Taking things deep into the darkness with his "EIGHT-SHOOTER"! 10 fingers, 8 strings, 1 warped mind. Things are shaping up to make for one interesting Holiday Season so stay tuned for more news as it develops. Stay BIONIC!!!