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Singer/ Songwriter and Musician... Tim Platt takes the stage, knowing Confidence is Key to Keep on Rockin' in the Free World

Birthed from a six string junkie, Tim Platt finds his fix from creating music with friends and sharing melodies that come from the soul. “All That is Beautiful” is a close band of people passionate about music, thriving and growing through collaboration. The music sends a loud message of hope and grabbing what lights you up. If you love something, ...

Tim Platt & All That Is Beautiful is one of the hottest rising bands in the forth worth music scene today. Loved by Fort Worth’s established band members as many of them have enjoyed playing with Tim Platt.

Tim Platt & All That Is Beautiful Debut CD Back To Reality due out next month is a 5 song rock n roll experience. The long list of fort worth musicians joining Tim Platt on the CD are:

Philip Helling Richard Garcia Blane Cruise - The Orbins Luke Wade Patrick Adams - Quaker City Nighthawks Kyle Istook - The Sound Revival Micah Kinard - Oh Sleeper Nick Choate - Local Award Jeff Daisy - Daisy Chain, Josh Weathers & The True Endeavors Rick E. Warden

MySpace http://www.myspace.com/allthatisbeautifulmusic

FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/TimPlattandAllThatIsBeautiful

Tim Platt & All That Is Beautiful - The Game music video http://youtu.be/583-JAhSqeM