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The Rennegades

Hey everyone, I'm excited about my latest recording project! I'm back in Signaturetone Studio's- Minneapolis, once again with Adam Tucker and The Rennegades. This music has been 5 years in the making,and has some very talented musicians in the group. Stevie Renner-Guitar/vocals Mike Shofner-Vocals Al Pettis -Bass/vocals Brandon Laliberte-Drums/vocals Its been a long process to get to this point, but its worth the wait! Currently we are tracking 4 songs, with the drums and bass completed. The rough mix's already sound fantastic,thanxs to Adam. Their will be a brand new website,photo's/vids t-shirts and all the random cool rock stuff you would expect. We are gonna do a short set in Eagle River Wisconsin on August 24 to open up Rock The Rivers Festival. You can get info here:


We should have some music ready to check out soon, and some dates to put out the new release. Check back often for more updates! See ya, Brandon

Rock The River!

Hey guys, check out the show info for August: The lineup for the Main stage is: Skillet P.O.D. The Halo Method (featuring Ben Moody from Evanescence, Josh Newell from In This Moment, Dave Buckner from Papa Roach, and Lucas Rossi from Rockstar Supernova) Hawthorne Heights VANS WARPED TOUR Headliners Iamdynamite James Durbin More Info here: http://ermudfest.com/index.html

Summer update/Big News!

Summer update/Big News! Hey everyone, I hope this summer has been rockin for you all. Its been extremely hot in the midwest, and very busy for me as well.

I wanted to let you know that Cannon's North has finished their debut CD titled "Goodbye Dog", and it is due to be released sometime in August. We have a CD release show in Minneapolis to celebrate the release. Check out my schedule/date page for times and more info.

Also,I am pleased to announce that I'm playing with The Shannon Curfman Band once again. We have a couple of shows in August lined up, with info and dates on my schedule page as well.

I am also in the process of rehearsing with Stevie Renner and The Rennegades. I am pleased to announce that we have a new bass player! The line up is as follows: Stevie Renner-guitar/vocals Mike Shofner-Vocals/harp Dewey Moten-Bass/vocals Brandon Laliberte-drums/vocals/samples/triggers

Finally,all the pieces are now in place, and we will start recording in our brand new state of the art recording studio in a couple of weeks. We may have a few dates in the works, so I will keep you posted as they become available.

I am blessed to be a part in all of these bands and I am extremely excited to get out on the road once again.

I want to thank you all for your support, and I look forward to seeing you all on the road this summer soon!

Please check out the links for CD and merch info.......... www.shannoncurfman.com www.cannonsnorth.com

2012 (almost spring Update)

2012 (almost spring update)

Hey Everyone! Hows the new year so far? Its been a busy one for me! There are a alot of recording projects going on this summer, and I'm excited about everyone of them!!!

First, I have a new project that I'm involved with- Stevie Renner And The Rennegades. steverenner.net/home.html Its a Blues/Rock -N- Roll type band,and it ROCKS! Very reminiscent of the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. We have a couple of album's worth of material, so right now we are rehearsing and getting all the material tight for recording. We are also putting together the pieces of the studio for recording as well.

Secondly, I'm getting ready to record our debut album with Cannon's North and Adam Tucker @ www.signaturetonerecording.com/ in April. We have been rehearsing,and sorting through all the material that will be on the new cd. Cannon's North also has a new website- www.cannonsnorth.com/ Check it out! There is no release date as of yet.

And lastly, I will be working with an old friend,and former bassist from Countach early days............ Mark "M-Bag" Antinozzi. Mark's project will consist of original material and lots of other great featured musicians, with a percentage being donated to The Make A Wish Foundation of Minnesota. I will have more details on this project in the next couple of days.

I have been very busy with my drum studies and taking class's in music theory,ear training and keyboard lessons @ www.mcnallysmith.edu/ in pursuit of a performance degree in music. I will continue to expand my drum vocabulary and challenge myself as a musician in different areas to help me become a better player and teacher in the future. I have had the pleasure of studying with Marvin Dahlgren,as well as many other great musicians/teachers. Right now I am working out of 4 of Marvin's books, its amazing how much studying can be done with just 1 page of the book!!! I am working to develop and expanded 4 way coordination,working with accents and stick control. It will take some time for me to incorporate some of the ideas into my playing. Eventually they will work themselves in a natural progression.

I'm very grateful to have all these amazing teachers to help guide me in my path.

I will have some photo's with all these great projects, as well as some video and tracks for download.

I will keep you all updated, and thanxs so much for your support!

Talk to you soon............ Brandon

My Head Got Lost Along The Way

Hey everyone. I posted a new song, "My Head Got Lost Along The Way" ( A Drowning) it has a killer drum track using Roland V-drums and feature's the skills of Trent Reznor and the beautiful voice of Mariqueen Maandig! Check It Out! Thanxs For The Support. Brandon

The Perfect Drug Remix is up

Check out the new NIN remix of "The Perfect Drug"................. "Insatiable" By Brandon Laliberte

I'm working on a few other remix's as well. Let me know what ya think, Thanxs for ya support!


Hey all, I've posted a new remix for NIN's "The Hand That Feeds" that I did awhile back, titled "Saviorself" from the NIN remix archives, and there is a new promo video up too. I'll have a new promo video up on 11/11/11. More drum solo video's in progress. Thanxs for checkin in.............. Brandon


My site is a work in progress......... Ill have new photos and videos soon. Check back often,and sign the mailing list please. Thanxs, Brandon