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Jenelle / Blog

Food for thought

So much can happen in such a short time, I feel like I have gained years of wisdom in just months. It is rare I think that someone my age reaches such a reflection point this early in life, and I wouldn't have if I weren't forced into slowing down first so I had nothing but my own mind to keep me company. All I do know is I see the world differently and I am taking it one day at time. I have come to the realization that if you ever truly want to move on and succeed in life you have to go about doing it the right way and that means accepting that you have failed in the past and being okay with that. I think it is acceptance of your mistakes that makes you strive to create something better and you can apply that in every aspect of your life.

My Piece 2

I know that "Initium" only has been released for a few months but I have given up the idea that I will make any money on this album at this point. Especially if even when it is paid for it doesn't make a difference to me. It doesn't take long of me getting the short end of the stick for me to chuck the stick in the fucking river if you know what I mean. Excuse my language as usual. So unless it unexpectedly blows up the billboard charts from my reverbnation I am pretty much washing my hands of it. I respect the fact that Mozez put time and work into this and it is his art as well which he did not charge me for when we made this album, but being that we did work our asses off, I still made sure that he was paid for the hard copies that I never was and knew he never would be and why it is maintained at bandcamp. It's a tough biz and if you are smart you learn quick. Lucky for me I am stubborn and impatient so if someone didn't do their job, I did and now I know many things I didn't know before and am finding it to be quite useful and I am proud to say that I do consider myself to be officially INDEPENDENT. I am not bitter or scorned in anyway. I am thankful for what an experience this has been and am more in touch artistically now than I have ever been. That is pretty much as far as I planned on going into it with this side note: Treating people's dreams and hard work like it's a fucking joke is generally bad karma and I can think of a few people, especially now, that will root for me to achieve nothing. Well karma is karma so good luck stopping me. You have no idea what I am capable of and I have only just begun. I am so full of inspiration I might just burst. I would like to again thank everyone who has shown support and purchased the album. I am continuously making music and doing my thing so keep listening. I am open to any questions and comments so please feel free speak up. Please grant me a little patience as I don't spend much time online these days but I do always take care of things here... eventually. I almost forgot for a while that in order for me to paint life in my songs I had to live it. :) So I guess that about wraps up our segment of "My Piece" I promise my blogs will not normally be this long and as I stated in my previous blog "True Things" I will be back on the scene this summer. Thank you again for visiting and I hope you enjoy my music and keep listening. And if not well, fuck you. ;) More to come very soon...

My Piece 1

Now I am going to speak my piece. Music has been my constant since the day I was born. I have been creating and loving it my entire life. I haven't had an easy life and there has been times that my hopes of maybe being able to really do what I love to do has saved my life. I did write all new material aside from "Poppa" for this album. Even though I had hundreds of well versed songs, many songs musicians I work with already knew, I wrote all new material because I was recording to beats that Mozez created so it had a different feel than when I write a song from the ground up and I wanted to do something different. I went that direction because I wanted a new outlet. It was different than being on stage so it became my diary and I was going through well, life. Only 2 maybe 3 of the beats on the album were actually made with intent that I would be on them. All the others had been there and unused from other project files. Original and time consuming but not originally created for me. Tracks 11 and 12 I had already written the chord structure for. And the point there is that I really did invest my own little piece into this album. Took time for this very album. We didn't originally think it was going to be an album actually, it just happened. We only had a few tracks that we had spent a lot of time on when Mozezbeats and I went onto "Urban plugs radio" and got great feedback and a push from Ghengis Black and Jaz telling us we had something. From then on Mozez and I spent most of our summer and early fall recording. We sat after recording sessions until the songs were mixed because I just couldn't leave without a copy and then I listened to them about a thousand times and had poor Mozez remix them, and mix them again sometimes. We ended up eventually rushing towards the end with the deadline for the release date, my apologies. I actually was sick (pneumonia) in a lot of the recording but my writing was honest and good in my opinion. And I sounded pretty damn good considering. I am proud of it. We did it. I put something out there and I have learned a lot and you it is a great starting point. I did pretty good and can do better so my second album will be appropriate for my next step. Now, with all of this being said and acknowledging that money is not everything, I did invest a good amount of time in this. I sacrificed for this. I definitely worked harder than anyone at promoting it and trying to get it out there, not to mention that I am the artist, which means that I am also doing writing, practices, online management and shows and this was not my only project as I started my band a few years before this. So since I have contributed time, passion, money, and effort into this project I thought that I owed it to myself and to the people who support me and support my music to make a statement and have it known for the record to please download it for free here or make a donation on bandcamp for Mozez, Burn it on disks, put it on sharing sites, whatever you want. It is a creation of my intellectual property and I won't have it represented as anything other than that. (Continued in my piece 2)

Intro Blog; True Things

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I take it as a contribution to my passion and creativity in this world. I as an artist believe whole heartily that there is no price on art. Art is something to be shared that everyone should get to experience for free. I believe that what drives us to create it is within our very soul and is one of the things you take with you out of this world. The people out there as passionate about music (or any art form) as me, understand this well. As a working artist, with bills to pay and mouths to feed, you unfortunately cannot give everything away for free as we are a poor sort already ha ha, Money isn't everything but it is something. You can however download my freshmen album "Initium" here on reverbnation at no cost to you. If you would like to make a donation or buy the album it is for sale on bandcamp, which mozezbeats does most of the maintenance for and there are links on each song to the direct site. Those are the only sites that I would recommend downloading my music from being that I have made absolutely $0.00 from online sales at all... Not that some of you haven't yes, downloaded this album and paid for it, family, friends, fans, strangers... I just myself have not received any profit. If you tally up loss and gain I lost a great deal more than I gained profit wise with "Initium". So, unless you literally bought a hard copy and put the money in my, TJ Regalado, Jon Melius or Mike Oliver's hand I never received it. If you put money in anyone else's hand it was never shared with me. If you would like to hear more on the matter you can see my blog "My piece" Where I speak openly for the first time about "Initium". Thank you again for supporting the cause, thank you to everyone who has paid for my album regardless of which method because you are awesome and I cannot wait to release more music for you! A very special thank you to Jon Melius as you were responsible for close to all of the hard copy sales I received payment for and you are amazing. I cannot wait to send you a shipment of album number 2. As some of you may already know, I am taking a short break from my public soapbox right now but I am booking out the summer, new tunes included and all. So keep listening!

Jon Melius
Jon Melius  (over 2 years ago)

Not a problem I cant wait to see album 2 and receive another shipment to get out there. Im certain you learned alot on Initium and processes will be streamlined, trustworthy people will be in place, and fans will be primed when the next album comes out. I think releasing this album for free now is a great thing and hopefully will do wonders in bring more fans in. Stay strong and keep plugging away you only truly fail if you give up on the things you love to do.