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Jon Barnes on FatherHood and NAMM Show with his Big Band Music!

"Communicate your ideas, success, failures, and dream to your family, friends, and enemies: In doing so, you will Love them!" - Jon Barnes

Joyful Bach and Diz

Monster Products daCarbo Trombone & Trumpets



Jon Barnes NAMM SHOW, Inderbinen, Spiri, and daCarbo Instruments

Jon Barnes and his Big Band will be playing Music from his New Hit CD "Joyful Bach and Diz" with the New daCarbo Trombones and Trumpets with Spiri, Inderbinden, Seeoo, BornAMusician.Com and Monster Products. Check out: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/joyful-bach-diz-single/id789734884 www.JonBarnesOfficial.com

Jon Barnes to Perform NAMM 2014 daCarbo Trumpets, Monster Products

Will You be at NAMM?

My company will be featured during PRESS DAY at NAMM on the 22nd to show case the New daCarbo Technology and Monster Products. It is amazing stuff! You can hit the bell with a hammer and it won't dent or scratch!

Any suggestions?

Be Blessed! Thanks

Now on Sale, Jon Barnes in the UK!

NEW Carbon Fiber Trombone! GLOBAL! Yeah Baby! Right ON! Jon Barnes dacarbo Family! Check out the sounds of the NEW CARBON FIBER TROMBONE!


Jon Barnes CES Show 2014 Music Monster

Back in the day, I had and owned a tux for each color to play gigs in Baltimore, Maryland, before graduating from High School... gigging 2 and 3 times a week! Church, big band, clubs, jam sessions, studio, recording, lessons, school, weddings, funerals, concerts, festivals, etc... The good ole days! LOL Jon Barnes Josephine Jackson Then I went off to College, Virginia Tech


Jon Barnes Dacarbo Monster on Education

New Magazine!!! New Products!!! New Music!!! New Year!!!

Jon Barnes is a contributing writer for Coffee Talk Jazz Magazine, which is filled with wonderful articles about George Duke, Paul Jackson Jr., Jon Barnes, and many others. (pg. 30) Read, share, and enjoy the heart felt stories of Jazz, life, education Dacarbo trumpets, Monster products, etc!

Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/seeoo-piano-concerto-1-live/id767370623

Magazine: http://issuu.com/ms.bridgette/docs/ctjm_winter2013

www.Jonbarnesofficial.com www.Barnesandnotes.com

Happy New Year Everyone! - Jon Barnes

Love and enjoy the time we have and help someone along the way! Peace!

Jon Barnes - Christmas Music


Monster Notes - Jon Barnes


Jon Barnes - Monster Notes - Nice Dance Tune!



New Earth Wind & Fire Record Sounds Great!

Great Sounds! Party Time Jon Barnes! Big Weekend!