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State Senator Joel Anderson Honors Local Teacher Who: Jon Barnes Orchestrations | What: Music in Education Tour in California congratulates Dwight Asberry decade of excellence. Where: Southern California | WHEN: June 20th, 2014 DWIGHT ASBERRY AWARDED WITH CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION Jon Barnes Music in Education Photography by Stephanie Briskey State Senator, Joel Anderson of the 36th Senate district of California, recognized Dwight Asberry's decade of musical achievement in education, and his contribution in helping to positively influence the lives of many young people. The senator's office wanted to showcase hard-working educators, like Dwight Asberry, in the State of California to support Music in Education, says Jon Barnes. Music in Education congratulates the success of Music/Marching Band Director Dwight Asberry from Heritage High School for his many years of hard work in setting up an award winning program. As hosting band director for the 2012 and 2013 Southern California Judging Association State Marching Band Championships, Dwight in one of the few educators experienced enough to manage such a large event. Dwight and I have written the music for a few award winning shows and showcased at the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the Rose Bowl games, says Jon Barnes High school and college directors often hire Dwight to compose drumline music for workshops, clinics, and competitions through out the years. You can see the many youtube links of student achievement and success. Dwight Asberry and Jon Barnes will be touring California giving clinics, awards, and workshops with Music in Education. For more information, please contact the office of Jon Barnes Music in Education. Support Itune Donations and Download BarnesAndNotes.com www.JonBarnesOfficial.com

Jon Barnes Music in Education

7-year-old 'prodigy' trumpeter steals the show 1 By Natasha Lindstrom Posted Feb. 4, 2010 @ 2:27 pm Updated Feb 5, 2010 at 11:06 AM Zoom APPLE VALLEY • At first glance, 7-year-old Concena Jones, fresh-faced and cheerful with braids clasped by flower clips, seems like a typical carefree second grader — but she gets seriously focused when she picks up her horn. Her music instructor Jon Barnes, who's played alongside Smokey Robinson, Andre Crouch, The Temptations and others, doesn't hesitate to brand Concena a "prodigy." Since Concena's grandfather, Onn Jones, bought her a trumpet for Christmas in 2008, she's been diligently practicing daily and falling in love with jazz. As she says, she loves to "jazz it up." Within the first couple of months she began taking weekly lessons with Barnes, he said "she just took off like you wouldn't believe," demonstrating surprisingly high ability and range for her age level and hitting typically tough notes like high E's with ease. Concena spent her afternoons this week studying her notes and practicing her favorite new song, Jerome Kern's "I'm Old Fashioned" from the 1942 film "You Were Never Lovelier." "I memorize a lot so I can think about the audience," Concena said, adding she loves it when her performance evokes loud cheers. Lately she's been preparing to play at a Saturday reception celebrating black history month at Victor Valley Museum in Apple Valley, where she'll perform some blues and classical songs along with Barnes and several other local students. - See more at: http://www.vvdailypress.com/article/20100204/NEWS/302049983#sthash.VhfYHozX.dpuf https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fshar.es%2FMXMpk&t=7-year-old+%27prodigy%27+trumpeter+steals+the+show

Jon Barnes Drifting with the Allstars TV Show

Jon Barnes Drifting with the Allstars TV Show https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/drifting-international-allstars/id854483703

Skip Martin Tour in Austria with Carbon Fiber Trumpet

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Dwight Asberry tours with Jon Barnes Music in Education

Percussion Band Director Dwight Asberry, who received an award with the California Senate, will be touring with Jon Barnes and Music in Education. Read Article. http://www.thenewsgenerator.com/thenewsroom/jon-barnes-orchestrations/2014/05/26/jon-barnes-music-in-education-is-bouncing-back.html

Jon Barnes Brass Music

Classical Music of Jon Barnes Arrangements


Jon Barnes Music on TV Show

Jon Barnes Music on TV Show


Jazz in Monterey with Jon Barnes

Jon Barnes has been touring, teaching, recording, marketing, lecturing, composing, while giving clinics, educational, business, and music workshops to the global community. His passion for music in education is real and can be felt from the kindergarten classes up to the college classes and beyond.

With a busy tour schedule, Jon takes the time help set up music in education for school districts, colleges, and other professional organizations. His sponsors are equally excited about getting the music in education agenda pushed into the mainstream educational fore front of academia.

It is a lot of work and the kids love the music, interaction, games, and my carbon fiber trumpet, and mouthpieces. Yes, I let them play my trumpet too, says Jon.

According to Jon Barnes, sharing is caring and giving all children the chance to play and connect with music, just like math and reading in education. My teach, Robert Smith, gave me my first trumpet in school too.

At the college level, Jon can be seen playing the drums, piano, and Upright Bass to give tips on keeping time and swinging jazz in the rhythm section.

It all matters and cats gotta listen to each other to swing the music so you can dance to it. I play all of the instruments so that I can compose and explain my musical points quickly. I play music because it matters to me and then I share it, says Jon.

Music Director David Hoffman is a great trumpet player and has picked some wonderful arrangement to play for the concert. Enjoy the concert and bring a friend!

Jon Barnes Music is now on itunes Big Band Music


Jon Barnes & Fender drifting with the Allstars

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