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A Movement(In My Eyes)

art movement - a group of artists who agree on general principles So,everyone wants to know my input on this whole,"movement",here in Fayetteville.My opinion is this and will stay as such.As far as the movement here in Fayetteville dealing with the arts,the movement has been going on in this city for 17 going on 18 yrs and will continully go on after.There have been many venues that have came from this movement.Too many to name off top of my head.But,the movement is ongoing here in Fayetteville.When it comes to this,my opinion is what in your eyes do you consider a movement?Mine would be the definition as stated above.Many may agree,few may not,but that is my opinion.To say that nothing has florished from the movement being stated is ridiculous because great poets and artists are doing what they love because of the movement.It doesn't matter if a venue does not pack out nor does it matter if it isn't making you ball out of control starting off.It takes time,and it also takes trial and error to make or break your dreams in what this is.Movements have been formed and operated out of houses and apts(Harlem Renaissance Era when poetry and music scenes had no clubs starting out)and they did it for the love of their art before money came into play.Now,what has came from the Fayetteville Movement? Compound,Vibe,Fayetteville Slam Team,along with what Coffee Scene and the Writer's Ink Guild provides monthly and weekly.But like I said,these are my opinions on what a movement comprises of and in my opinion.....The Movement in very active.Those are my two cents........ But truth is this.I am the movement.And so are the artists who proceed to make sure it continues to be in constant motion past,present,and future

Hey Friends

Hey folks.I know I been missing for quite some time and I apologize for the absence.I've been going through a rough 08 but in the end,it smoothed itself out.If you guys wonder whats been going on with me,I will say that I have been staying productive and that is some of the reason why you have not seen me on MySpace in quite some time.I will say this much though,for those wanting to know about the 2nd book,there will not be one as of yet.That is because i am working on a SpokenWord Cd that will be out sometime in 2009.And I also got other things going on as well that I'm keeping tight knit but I promise that you guys will see the outcome real soon.So,with that being said.Thank all of you who helped me at my down monets and seen me at my worst and helped me push through it to the place where I am at now.......Happy.This 2009 will be a great one. LeJuane Bowens CEO of So Many Words Ent.