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Its been a while had taken a break and now im looking forward to getting the music back on and poppin again.. Never give up on something you love. Music is the air in my lungs and the heart that beats within me.


Change is so important. In this day and age if you understand what's going on in this world and your place in it relative to this change it can be a powerful thing. We are in perilous times and with everything that is happening with our world ita time for each of us with a voice to stand up to the wrongs and injustices that are being committed everyday in the words of peace and prosperity. I believe anytime this notion ia used by anyone in power it means the exact opposite. We must be aware of words and what they mean. Words are a powerful tool to create peace or to destroy. The politically correct are not correct just political and guaranteed to not have your best interested at heart. In all I have said, if you choose to remember one thing. Just remember to be aware and question everything to thr measure of common sense. If it doesn't make sense then you know the fix is in.

New Music Coming 2017

Sol Anderson a little wiser a little older




Hi guys thanks for making my reverbnation number 1 in the Local area and 5 in the US and the World. Thank You

Stay Tuned

Hi Guys,

Thank you for joining my reverbnation. Please continue to follow what I am doing as I will follow u.

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Hi Guys my new song "You" has been doing so well lately... I need your continued friendship and support on this record.. I want to make it one of the most requested.Let me know what I can do to make it happen...and thanks again...-S. Anderson.