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Miss Rose sits in and busts some TWANG!

We had a blast this past Weds. (June 6) and welcomed Rose Sinclair (GiRL HOWDY!) back from Texas! She sat in with us at Vincent's and those who were there know how special it was -we were boppin' all over zee place! She and Dr. Z recreated some of their "Twin Guitar Swing" magic - the joint was jumpin'!! We sure miss her around the Northeast but know she's doin' us all proud and tearin' it up in Austin!

Vincent's - Wormtown at its BEST!

We sure had fun last week at Vincent's! We busted a coupla new tunes (for us) from Skeets McDonald, along with new ones from Charline Arthur & Lefty. Made some new friends and pleased some old ones (including a requested spur of the moment rendition of Faron's "Face to the Wall") Thanks to Barry for all the goodies he brought; we love LJD (and rocked out on "Hole in my Pocket") Woo WEE! The boys were in FINE form and Dr. Z was killin it! We'll be back at Vincent's on 6/6 - CU!

Me gusta Cantina la Mexicana

Last Fri. was another fun night at the Cantina! Dr. Z had an "emergenZ", so we called in the surgeon of swing, Frankie Blandino, to "scrub in" and shake the shack. Thanks to everyone for coming out and having a blast with us. See ya June 8 for more tamales n twang!


Another super fun night of music at Vincent's in Worcester. Meatballs and music - gotta love it!

BIG fun @ the Iron Horse with the Sacred Shakers!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Iron Horse last night! We had a blast opening for the Sacred Shakers - woohoo; Sin & Salvation was an inspired pairing! We hope we'll check out our upcoming schedule - we're burning up I-90 all in the spirit of good times and good music!