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Wake Up!

If you haven't heard my new single yet, it's time to "Wake Up"! :) Check it out at http://joseevita.bandcamp.com/track/wake-up-rock-version

"My Voice! Album release! / Lancement d'album "My Voice"

It is here! My album, “My Voice”, is now available for download! Click on the link below to access the page! This “homemade” album contains new rock versions of some of my acoustic songs, as well as some new material. You can hear new versions of “One Million Dollar Baby”, “My Voice” and “Wake Up”, amongst others, as well as two new songs “Just For You” (first single) and “You’re My Brother”. You will also find two bonus tracks, an acoustic version of “Wake Up” and an alternative version of “Want You Back”. This album was made with the collaboration of talented musicians from many different places around the globe. Bruno Do Amaral (Brazil) worked on the rock version of most songs on this album. You can also hear Jin Higuchi (Los Angeles) on “One Million Dollar Baby” (lyrics by Josée Cantin from Montréal), Christophe Maltin (France) on the bass on “Just For You”, and the latest last minute addition, Hugo Chartrand (Montréal), on a brand new acoustic version of “My Voice”. Let’s not forget an amazing cover artwork by Cheryl Adams (Switzerland). A very big thank you to everyone and special thanks to Bruno for all his hard work on this album. It wouldn’t have been possible without you! Give it a listen and if you like it, please buy it and / or share the link as much as you can! Many thanks! Rock on! Josee http://joseevita.bandcamp.com/ Il est ici! Mon album, “My Voice”, est maintenant disponible! Cliquez sur le lien ci-bas pour accéder à la page! Cet album-maison contient des nouvelles versions rock de certaines de mes chansons acoustiques, ainsi que de nouvelles chansons. Vous pouvez entre autres entendre des nouvelles versions de “One Million Dollar Baby”, “My Voice” et “Wake Up” ainsi que deux nouvelles chansons, “Just For You” (premier single) et “You’re My Brother”. Vous trouverez aussi deux chansons en bonus, soit un version acoustique de “Wake Up” et une version alternative de “Want You Back”. Cet album a été réalisé en collaboration avec de talentueux musiciens provenant de plein d’endroits différents autour du globe. Bruno Do Amaral (Brésil) a travaillé sur la majeure partie des versions rock de cet album. Vous pouvez aussi entendre Jin Higuchi (Los Angeles) sur “One Million Dollar Baby” (paroles de Josée Cantin de Montréal), Christophe Maltin (France) à la basse sur “Just For You”, et une addition the dernière minute, Hugo Chartrand (Montréal) sur une tout nouvelle version acoustique de “My Voice”. N’oublions pas de mentionner la superbe pochette dessinée par Cheryl Adams (Suisse). Un gros merci à tous et un merci particulier à Bruno, pour tout son travail sur cet album. Cela n’aurait pas été possible sans toi! Écoutez-le et si vous l’aimez, s’il-vous-plaît achetez-le et / ou partagez le lien le plus que vous pouvez! Merci! Rock on! Josee http://joseevita.bandcamp.com/

New song available!

New song available!

My new song, "Lullaby For An Angel", is now available to buy in my Reverbnation store!

This song was inspired by friends of mine, who lost loved ones over the last few years. The first inspiration for that song is Zowie. I wanted to write something for her after she passed away. While writting the song, I started to think about other friends who lost people close to them, wether it is to illness, suicide or accidents. When things like this happen to us, we which we could have one more moment with the person, just one more. And that is what my song is talking about, that precious moment we all hope for.

Zowie was my first inspiration. This is for you, little Angel. xox