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Hello all! This is BrayDOOM, and I just realized how silly it is to not utilize the tools I have access to! SILLY ME!

So, without further introduction, this is the Ab5urdum blog, starting today. I do have a lot to announce as in the works, so I may as well make habit of telling this cute little box about it, say daily or weekly.

FIRST: I am currently working on a documentary that is focused on Kansas City, and more specifically the queer music scene that exists here. The film will focus upon three acts, Wick & The Tricks, Mercury Mad & The MultiNax, and Absurdum. :D

With that said, we have been tailing the Revolution Circus to capture footage of their entire show, with the goal of capturing footage of Multi-Nax for the Queer KC project. We have been filming the entire circus, however, and I do believe, with permissions of course, that I will be undertaking a project to release a tour diary for the entire circus next year.

As you may know, I have teamed up with Mercury Mad as his bassist in the Multi-Nax. This has lead to a tentative plan for a dual album release, and tour. So, in short there is a LOT going on right now for Absurdum. I will do my best to keep a good documentation of it right here in this blog from here forth. Here's to it! :D