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The Road to Victory

Recently, we we're invited to play at Gorilla Music's Battle of the Bands at the Webster Underground in Hartford CT, on December 17th. We found out later, that there were about 10 bands playing in the show total. Making us think....How many bands must be out there? As aspiring musicians, attempting to "live the dream" how much competition would we get on the way? and if these numbers are MASSIVE, how is any job in the music industry safe? We work, we play, we attempt to make a job doing what we LOVE and in return for an unstable job, in an unstable economy....but in the end, its all worth it isn't it? We play, to bring music to peoples ears, we play shows, not to get paid, but to feel that rush, as your eyes are blinded as they adapt to the lights on the stage, as your ears are deaf as they adapt to the screaming of the crowd. We play music, because it is one of the most natural things anyone could do. So wish us luck, as we go on December 17th, to attempt to gain exposure, and to attempt to make an unstable job, in an unstable economy, that we LOVE.