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Switching from a lead guitar player to a singer/songwriter has been an interesting challenge for me. It allows me to expand on musical ideas as well as expose my thoughts and emotions. The transparency which this creates takes a little getting use to. I heard an interview on the radio where a gentleman stated that songwriting is equal parts craft and inspiration. The fact that this dialog was on a well-known radio station makes me fall in love with Austin a little more, but that is beside the point. So two things: 1) craft – hard work with a purpose. 2) Inspiration – life. So can it be that easy? Work hard with a purpose and direction, and open your eyes and take everything in? Such simple ideas which are so hard to execute. In closing he said to never doubt inspiration or censor your thoughts from that which affected you. That censorship kills the sliver of a moment you may have truly grasped something. Live your life with your eyes wide open.

Surrounded by excellence

You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. If that statement is true, then I am set up for a personal elevation that I’ve never known this year. I never could have imagined when I started this project years ago that it would take me to this place. The people I have met and worked with have been amazing, and the scary part is we are just getting started. We are now in the preproduction stage of album number two. In my opinion, though I am surely biased, these songs kick major ass. The sound has evolved far beyond what I could have conceived. I will release the lineup for the album at a later date. There is one more piece I am trying to work in. Those of you who know my story will know this gentleman quite well. He was a previous band mate and roommate in my Berklee days, and I will always consider him as one the best I’ve ever played with. I hope that I can get him on board. Let us all keep our fingers crossed.

Finally Getting Started

It has been a long road. It has been a hard road. From the early Berklee days traveling through what I like to call the "wasted years". What a long strange trip it's been. Somehow I ended up in Austin, Tx, live music capital of the world. The album has been done, but there is still so much work ahead. I can't wait. I feel incredible knowing that I am finally getting started.