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two twenty nine

Adam Pryatel was a great friend and musician and we celebrate all the moments spent with him. From Jake's upstairs bedroom jams, to the metro park hikes, to the Mayfield Park jams, to all the times we were just there enjoying each others' goofiness. Say a toast to our friend tonight and we love you, Adam.

one o' three

New songs posted, new practice spot, new songs written. Well its o' four now so I'll keepitshortbye.

seven fifty three

tired, running, need of sleeping. george you rock, good walk at 6 in the morning. next time those deer are ours.

six twenty three

a metaphor for the cruelty of life and awe of death shapes, bunny, food, the senses the speed is increased while time stops a moment to explain to our brains the next event

four thirty three in the morning

Machete, friends, a brew, and a smoke. Stalkers practice was interesting. The band is so in sync both John and I broke our strings at ze same time.

Scalpers Show

Yesterday's show kicked butt. We dedicate it to our late friend Dima. He took his own life and a tragedy like that shakes everyone to their very core. We all hope he has found some peace and our thoughts go out to his family and friends, our friends. You're with Wilson now. Go mafking crazy and remember to find time to get up off your ass and shake it! Music is the medicine of the soul.