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A Little Preview

Way Down Town and Keep Moving On are two of the songs that will be on the next album, Let It Burn. They are mostly complete except for the vocals which are one take scratch tracks. None the less we are quite pleased and hope you will be too!

Let It Burn

We are almost done with the album. I promise. We are now calling it, Let It Burn!

Anarchy and The Ivory Towers

We are excited to announce that our debut album, Anarchy and The Ivory Towers, is well on it's way to being finished!!! We are looking to have a CD release party sometime around August or September.

Cornelius Marx is getting ready to do an album and tour this fall

Hello fans.

We are excited to announce that we are currently putting together a national tour schedule for this fall as well as going over material for the recording of our debut album, which will be recorded before and after fall tour.