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willie free-prose 20120909


Walking backwards into light Hearing a blast through the night Wondering where the soft ground of friends gather

Holding a grip on the pride I had to give Choking, and gasping at the rip I couldn't make any good on the hinted promises The shade of its blue faced away from Sunday

What's another word for stellar, but bottled and assured When the stars crash through the living room How do I look upon a sightless saturation As the meaning of my lastest words run out of time

A flash I could settle down for A route through those old neurons that never die A ride through the breezes, and I held ground I let it come at me with my eyes closed

I said my every concern, and wanted it naturally Come at me, I shout aloud inside this well Where my smile is covered, and my heart's insured

I'm lighter from the shedding of unattended years I'm concentrating, taking a shift, and collecting a center Meanwhile, a wilting and stuttering flowered

A cloaked desire sat behind the baker's door Where a center fire ate at the maggots of insecurity A tense look in your eye threatened the blade

A career of poise thrown on the tip of a baptism Where the water is a flurry of fasted appetite And the ember of yesterday's romances Lights a breath of formless faith

A credence on the countenance of future ceremonies Whence the light of the stars revealed At the moment they burned me up At her moment of pause, I'm burned up

And with the late departure of Autumn's sibling I float amidst the tree's early rust I don't want to be where there's no mystery left I don't blame the weather when I'm lonely I don't know how to hold this flower I don't have any more to say


The Smell of Autumn Amidst August

Good morning, world. Seasons have begun it's first of the folding and unfolding of remembered surprises. A wave of a future air rests like dew on the sliding precipice. Any time a breeze comes around, I take in more of its cold. I don't remember when it got this way, but I was falling in with the sounding slights of this gregarious summer. I've been lain bare beneathe the Sun far into invading Winter's bone. But, alas, the cycle that fulfills a destiny of balance, feels like nail against my skin. Soon, it'll be the reason I cry, by blood and by tears. Soon, it'll be the reason I see the need to wait out a shadow under my tree.

We're working hard on putting together a new set of songs. There's many avenues of effort that sees us working atrophied fibres and tying together new rope. Just to share on what's been happening with the band, we're prepping together two new sets of songs. We're working on a new EP. It will have a Ring.Road.Supermarket cover on it. We've compiled songs for a second LP. The songs are together and becoming more and more well rehearsed. The other side of a songs life, it's production and consequent product, is an investment we're wrapping our heads around. We'll be playing a few shows I'd like to mention. 8.31 at Bar Matchless. $8.11pm Then 9.14 at The Bitter End $12.10pm 10.6 at Don Pedro's $8.11pm. We'll be playing songs off of 'Upon the Me Om I' and new tracks that we're constantly practising at the studio. Still, we'll be making nods to old world music here and there. Come find out what it might be? Come show some love. We'll have a beer together.

The skinny

Good evening, world. Now that we're done on the album, I've got nothing left to do! What to do with my unemployed hours? I should listen to more music. I'm trying to familiarize myself with older music. Ruth Etting's been a point of satisfaction, of late. I highly recommend that sweet gangster lovin' lady.

A few things to talk about. We'd like to be in your newsfeed. But, it seems Facebook might not be interested in forwarding our updates to your newsfeed. Select Generator Ohm to be fed into your daily updates. We'd love the chance to tell you about our shows, new songs, tours, promotions, and events. We intend to manifest all of those in the near future! Have love, will travel!

I went ahead and put our name on more bulletins of the internets. For other ways to get more Ohm'ed.. We've got a Twitter account, so look out for Gen Ohm tweets coming your way. We've got a Tumblr account, so look out for Gen Ohm prints, artwork, and videos. An exploding visual presence! We're on Flickr! More, more pictures! We're streaming via PureVolume.com ..for 20+ year olds We're streaming on Myspace.com ..for 30+ year olds ..Now, to spotify or not to spotify?

Link to us on your favorite social media platforms! I encourage anyone visiting our sites to listen to the record!

Please take a chance and vote for your favorite Generator Ohm song from our debut record, Upon the Me Om I.

Our next show is scheduled in August. We'll be playing XPO929 in Brooklyn on August 17th, 2012. It's our first time out with The Barrens. And we're knocking down heads with our buddy, EndAnd, and soon to be buddy, Invisible Days. $6 advance tickets, and $8 at the door.

We're in!


Hey, Reverbnation! We got locked out of this page for a LONG time! I think we put our minds a little too much towards the music. We had forgotten our login information, and been kept out of access for almost a year now! Fortunately, it's all been rectified and we intend to give you regular, and super-strength updates on the day, any day of the week. Sounds confusin'? I'm won't promise you when I'll be back to update, but it will be often. We hope to play more shows for you all in the New York area. Come see us at a local bar in Brooklyn sometime!