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Review from KC Cassi! Thanks Cassi! You Rock!

Check out this awesome review on The Sibyl By Cassiopia DeMars!!! Thank you Cassi!!! http://www.kansascitycassi.com/the-sibyl.html

While I love the KC music scene there are only a handful of bands I feel that could actually get seen, signed and soar to the top. After watching The Sibyl's live performance at The Roxy December 1st, I now have another one on the list.

It is so hard for me to explain what you are in for when you see them live other than saying it is a pure metal experience. Not the scream or thrash metal so many bands are doing today but the dirty, rock-n-roll, in your face, complete with evil laugh effects metal!

Wes(lead vocals) is a huge personality as it is so I wasn't expecting to be disappointed. However, I wasn't expecting to be so impressed either! Even with a new guy on the drums The Sibyl didn't miss a beat the whole set. Girls were dancing, horns were thrown and everyone in the bar was genuinely having an amazing metal experience during the performance. I could probably go on and on for days but I will just say this; if you want to see one of the best bands that KC has to offer then don't miss The Sibyl on their next live show!! Amazing talent - 5 stars from me guys!! \m/

A special thanks to all of you that have gone to pass.

The Sibyl wishes to thank all of our loyal fans over the years and cant wait to meet all our new fans. Kansas City has a great metal scene that is taking place and cant wait to leave our mark. To all of those who have come to be we miss all of you and wish you could be here with us as this new chapter erupts. The Sibyl also wants to tip our hats to our local metal musicians and welcome you to our family. Looking forward to what may be and wish all of you the best.