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News for One Street Over - Fall of 2012

Hello Dear Friends and thank you for taking time to visit our page, listen to our music and find out more about what we're doing for you.

It's been a light summer for live shows as we have invested a great deal of time and energy into our new recording projects. We have several new albums coming together -- a new Christmas album, a new album and a new instrumental album that will be released as a Michael Lewis project (as opposed to a One Street Over project). Fall and Winter are starting to really fill up with live shows so you'll have lots of opportunities to see us during the Winter months. I don't know if folks fully understand how much they play a role in the success or failure of their favorite music acts? We live or die with your support so please take a moment, like our page, join our facebook page, share with your friends, listen to music and videos -- it all makes a big difference for us! Finally, please sign up for our mailing list so that we can alert you to upcoming show dates, new releases and videos. If we have nothing to share, we won't bother you with junk mail -- I only write when I have something important to say. Thanks again for connecting, God Bless you!