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29th Annual Review Music Awards

We took home two trophies from last nights 29th Annual Review Music Awards! Both trophies are for our current music video of "The Cure". Thank you to Tyler Norfleet of Rebel Productions for the excellent job on the music video! We would also like to thank Christopher Lewis of Fire Hyena Recording Studio where the song and latest album were recorded. We are and have been extremely pleased with how everything has turned out over the last few months. From the release of our current album, the music video, as well as upcoming shows, the musicians and good people we have met along the way. We are also pretty excited about the new t-shirts that we will have for our upcoming show at The Dow Event Center with Saving Abel, Redburn, and Black Flower Blossom. We also have a fresh batch of CD's and stickers that will be available as well. And the most importantly...THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR FANS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! Without your help and support we would not be where we are today!

Review Magazine Music Awards!

We are nominees in several different catagories in this years Review Magazine Music Awards. Please go to this link http://review-mag.com/awards. and vote for us under the Rock and Miscellaneous catagories. Under miscellaneous category: best music video, best band website, and best original band. Under Rock category: best rock video, best rock songwriter, rock Bassist, male vocalist, rock drummer, rock guitarist and Best Rock Band! Please like and share this with your friends!

Crowd review of the song Pretty Lies

“Very nice and loud background music. The singer sounds very punk rock. The guitar give the song a lot of energy. The chorus is nice. I like how he is kinda screaming the lyrics. Makes you want to just jump around and not care about anything. I could imagine hearing this song on the radio. It sounds very similar to the other popular rock songs. Really nice use of the guitar, probably my favorite part of this song. I like the little break where it is just the music.” “Spectacular and wonderful are some of the words one can use to describe this song. I thought the vocals were fantastic and I don't have any complaints about them. Lyrics were also perfect because they were easy to understand and relate to. I loved the part when the instrumentals come in and it sounded as if they put in a lot of effort into implementing them.” “Mhm. Perfect song. I would download this song. Can I? Your voice is so perfect and Rocking. It's a spiritual song that everybody will want to turn on at one time or another in a day to listen to and be reminded of the concept. The heavy rock is a bonus to the song experience every time we turn to it. I can already see and hear about your album by just hearing this one song and know that you are a great band that Many will be a fan of. Great song choice. Great lyrics. Great sound. Great tone. Great Energy. God Bless and Love You.-Heather Bryson. Whoever produced this song is Amazing.” “FINALLY A GOOD SONG!.. If you are a fan of the rock genre you would absolutely love this song. Its so full of adrenaline. The lyrics are powerful and memorable. The instrumental will make your heart beat non stop. The volume is very loud and the sound quality is superb. If i heard this on the radio i would be excited and pumped up for it because its outstanding.” -Reverb Nation Crowd Review (Nov 25th 2014)

New album available for download!

Don't forget to check out www.everydayghost.com . The new album is available for download right from our website! And for you apple users the album should be available on iTunes in about 5 days!! You can also check out our latest music video for "the Cure" off of our new album. Help us spread the word! And as always thank you to our family, friends and especially our FANS!

The new album!!

CDs have arrived!!! They are available for $10. 9 new tracks along with all the lyrics. We wanted to go all out with this album and we are very pleased with the turnout!! Hit me up if you would like a copy. We currently only have 100 copies and we have already gotten a ton of requests!!! Place your order ASAP!!! We also have t-shirts in the works and will hopefully have them available here soon as well!!


Cant wait to get back to doing what we do best! Stay tuned for updates!