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New Tracks forthcoming...

First off, we have a demo version of 'Fingered by The BBC', you can watch it as a video here or on our youtube/ facebook/ punkrockers.com profiles. More to follow once we've got some sort of recordings of them... Through The Looking Glass, Sprinkle Sugar On The Shit are three more which might be ready soon- there's a few other new tracks still to be recorded.

This Years Line Up Change is.....

uh yeah- so anyone at the Market Bar gig who knows anything about us may well have noticed that our singer looked a little different tonight.

Bry Paraseit has left the band- we all agreed that the distance between us and Bry was becoming an insurmountable barrier which was starting to slowly stifle creativity and progress- with all of us being pretty much penniless, and public transport in the north of Scotland being, lets face it- highway robbery, we just were not getting the chance to get much done as a unit. Initially we thought this would be something that we could overcome. But we haven't. Big thanks to Bry for stepping up to the plate when we found ourselves vocal-less and he did a sterling job at the gigs we played- check out his new band from Aberdeen- The Obscenities. Hopefully we'll get a few gigs with them soon. In the meantime... some of you may recognise the dulcit tones and ginger propaganda of our 'new' vocalist. After three years sabbatical, Barnoff returns to the fold.

Propaganda, Ginger Terrorism and the Market Bar

Playing at The Market Bar in Inverness at the weekend along with The Signal- free entry. First gig for us this year after some band health problems and another line up change... 'new' vocalist debuts at the Market Bar this week. We might even remember to bring some t-shirts with us!