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Riptide is back!

What's up KBP fans?!! Our original lead singer, Riptide Spicoli, is back in the group! Totally awesome!!


What's up all you Kahuna fans out there? We need you to show some love and LIKE us on facebook. Thanks everybody, and party on!!!

Wild Night at the Whiskey River

We had a great beach party at the Whiskey River in Greeley! Bodhi came back to help us out and did a fantastic job. We miss him, but we know he has big plans he has to go after. Whiskey River owners, Rusty and Theresa are great hosts and made us feel right at home. We'll definitely see you all again!

Hello Kahuna Nation!!

Hey all you fans of KBP! We have a question for you. We love our fans and supporters so we've decided that you all need a name. What would you like to call yourselves?

Kahuna Heads? Kahuna Islanders?

How about some help here?