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Embracing Chaos

As a woman, I find that this industry is one big tightrope. A balancing act for the world to see. Though in the grand scheme of things I am very new to the music industry, I have learned several things but my experience to those who have been "in" this industry somehow still manage to make my experience seem trivial and minute. I have gone through one of my most core-shaking life lessons in recent weeks and it's been rather difficult to get through. I've known throughout my life that the only way to get through such experiences quickly and with as little resistance as possible is to embrace them, accept them for what they are and re-channel the energy to another area. All that being said, in coming months, Mezcolanza will be pushing into a new realm with our music. As a woman reborn from the ashes, I now have something to prove. I may be young, I may be new but the impact I make will shake this world to its core.