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New Song--Climate Change

Hi Everyone, Well it took over 2 years but here's a new collaboration full demo. I wrote it with Monica Allen with editing from Bob Clay. Bob Clay did the original g/v. The demo was done by The Gator Hole. I hope you all like. Any comments are welcome

New Demo

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're enjoying the summer. If you get a second please give my new demo a listen. It's called Bank Of Heaven. Thanks and take care, Roger

Hear Your Voice Again

Howdy Everyone,

Hope you're all doing ok. If you have a second please check out my latest demo--Hear your voice Again.

Getaway Train

Check out my latest song called Getaway Train. I think you'll find it like no other song you have heard.

New Release

Hi Fans and Friends:

Just a quick not to let you know that I will release a new song on thursday this week. It is called " Getaway Train " It features Andrew Thomas Patalan. Andy is the guitar player and back up vocalist for the band SPONGE. It features some great players as well. Like Mackenzie Lerchen on fiddle( She played at the Whitehouse and a lineup of famous stars in Nashville that she has performed with) Vinnie Dombroski on drums, The front man for the band SPONGE and Bobby Black on guitar( he toured with Waylen ) Then just braggin a bit Ihave the Proffessor Larry Labeck on pedal steel.( 18 years in Nashville ). So get ready for a great tune. I thank all of you for the support this last year.

Baby Steps

Just a quick update. My recent song--Not Here Not Now made the setlist for the group Lonerock. They will be performing it at the Visigino's Country Fair in front of 50,000 fans. mabye not Nashville--but exciting for me at any rate. Also just won a song writing contest with a publisher with a shot at getting the song recorded by top ranked musicians. So all these are what I call baby steps--I'll take em,lol.