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After releasing my first mixtape, and the warm response it's generated at open mic shows and social sites alike, I've decided to create an EP tentatively titled "BIG Dreams". It features the self titled track on reverb, using Don Cannon's beat. A lot of my inspiration for this project comes from a lot of fear: fear of dreaming, whether I have what it takes, and the constant struggle artists and everybody alike goes through when pursuing their own dreams. I put all the fears of being judged by others in the backseat and wrote songs that illustrate clever wordplay along with relatable topics. In the end, this upcoming project will be an outlet for me to test my doubts and not be afraid to dream.

Work Before Glory

I know I've been doing a lot of politicking with my mixtape, but nevertheless it will be here. I just sent the last of my songs to the DJ and I'm projecting an April 23rd release date. Thanks to everybody that has shown support and love. #WORKBEFOREGLORY

Recoup Lounge - First Performance

First off, thanks to God for answering my prayers and making my show a memorable night. Definitely had a great time rocking the stage, and it couldn't have been better without my fam and team with me. Looking forward to my next show! Met a lot of other talented artists and got the chance to network. Hopefully this is just the stepping stone for more to come. LUST for GREATness!

Lust For GREATness

So far, I have all my tracks compiled. Once I get these levels right, they're off to the market. All I want is an ear to listen, so if you support me and my movement, all I ask is that you give my tracks a listen.