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Burning Waco Burning Waco is the musical brain child of five brilliant mad men. Josh Neeley (vox), Shaun Kirby (drums), Kris Hammons (guitar), Scott Thorn (bass/ back vox), and Chris Earnhart (guitar/back vox), together they create a whirlwind of sounds that can stir up an intense euphoria the likes of which cannot be duplicated. The group had its humble beginnings in a small town in a small corner of the world in the summer of 2008 and has since evolved into a power house of catchy lyrics, triumphant beats and mind expanding riffs that cannot be ignored by anyone who hears.The Group is off to set the world on fire and bring their voice and music to the masses in the hopes to free you from your everyday lives and bring you to a higher place where true music reigns supreme.