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It's a Kold World after all

So the whole krew got together last night and we made lots of progress. we made the band page on reverb for Kold Reality (please like us and fallow). We also were able to work on formats for the new mixtape. I'm working on writing my verses today. thanks to everyone who saw our show at casselmans, and shout out to all of TME.

State of the KR

We are finishing up the ERS1 i'm back Mix tape, at about 17 songs right now, and i think it is pretty close to finished. I'm 7 songs into my V for Vendetta Mix tape. Thanks to Lucky and Cynical for all the collaborations, any denver artists hit us up if you would like to work on something. Also if you would like to book time at 2Mac studios please get ahold of us for that. Lots of great music out there we are trying to make our mark and inspire. KR