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falling down on my knees to #3 please

i was always a third man on a two man gig anyway the other guys have talent i am just along for the ride with a deep seat and a long hold on this wild bronc called "my life"

border crossing

slipping across the border into old Canada to test run some of my French compositions on the street where music is the medium and French the native tongue...

will you meet me in paris

new song inspired by the diamond bess look alike in my reverb site

background shot by mike taylor

tincowboycafe 2000 pearl diver trainee

diamond bess

this song i just wrote about a lady murdered in texas for her diamonds by her husband a rothchild...the lyrics i sent to france to dedicate it to a cool lady who'se picture in period dress will be on the cover of my new CD release..hello jefferson texas and your wonderful hotle

what keeps me going...jst a little smile at the end of a song

I was showing a guitar to a friend at a flea market so i strummed it a little and sang an old country favorite...his cousin builds guitars in Tennessee. now the flea market is buzzin that I have some talent! strange places and great connections bought a nice applause at the market from the 70's mint condition

corey steele alias michael e dillon,m.d.

internationally acclaimed songwriter singer guitarist and purveyor of fine instruments tstringfeverguitar,com translated 1 person in france likes my music!!!

tremolo instruments

gibsonguitarmuseumkazoo....is promoting local and international players of antique and vintage gibsons...how about a 1935 L-37 scott sonneville at tremolo on portage street 1350 in kalamazoo check his facebook and website tremolo instruments